Concrete Cure and Seal, Acrylic Solvent Sealer - ProSeal PS-18

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  • Concrete Sealer Acrylic Cure and Seal, ProSeal
Concrete Sealer Acrylic Cure and Seal, ProSeal Concrete Sealer Acrylic Cure and Seal, ProSeal

Concrete Cure and Seal, Acrylic Solvent Sealer - ProSeal PS-18

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  • Important Notes About This Sealer
    • PLEASE NOTE: Some US States (ie. California) have regulated the VOC level allowed for concrete sealer to be used within the state. Please check your local regulations for VOC requirements.
    • This product can only ship with UPS in 1 Gallon sizes.  If ordering 30 gallons or more, they will ship in 5-gallon pails via Freight Carrier.
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    Product Detail:

    • ProSeal™ is a non-yellowing acrylic solvent-based sealer that aids the curing process of freshly placed concrete. Actual curing and sealing agents are usually meant as a sacrificial coat and are often required to be removed before applying a finish sealer. ProSeal contains the same resin as SuperSeal 2000 and GemKote thereby allowing complete compatibility with these sealers.
    • ProSeal Solvent-Based Sealer is a non-styrenated acrylic copolymer cure, seal and dustproofing compound in an aromatic solvent containing 18% solids.
    • ProSeal Solvent Based Sealer provides an outstanding combination of curing, sealing and dustproofing for freshly finished interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It is an excellent dustproofer and surface sealer. ProSeal will resist many chemicals (except some solvents) and helps protect against staining.
    • ProSeal can be used on any freshly poured and finished concrete surface such as colored or uncolored, stamped or exposed aggregate (See below for more application details).
    • Quick Drying. Crystal clear. Dries to a Clear Gloss Wet-Look Finish.
    • Available in 600 VOC or 400 VOC.
    • Non-Yellowing.
    • Interior/Exterior Use.
    • Enhances Color.
    Product Specifications:


    • Apply ProSeal immediately after all surface water has disappeared and the surface cannot be marred. All finishing methods to the concrete must be performed prior to ProSeal application.
    • Application of ProSeal 18 too early or too late can affect the overall curing performance. Use a low pressure sprayer (sold here) for best results- but may also be applied by roller or brush. Application by a sprayer with a 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) 80 Flat fan nozzle, at approximately 30 psi (2.1bar) is recommended. Make sure that the sprayer, as well as any other equipment the material will come into contact with is clean and dry. Do not contaminate the ProSeal 18 with other materials, solvents or water. Do not thin. Apply uniformly without puddles. Light, thin applications are ideal. Heavy buildup will not improve performance but very likely negatively affect it. It is recommended that foot traffic remain off the finished sealed surface for a minimum of 24-48 hours. For heavy traffic, allow 72 hours or more for curing.
    • Clean up sprayers or other application equipment with Xylene.
    • Upon 28 day cure, subsequent coats of SuperSeal 2000 or GemKote are recommended to provide long-term sealing properties. The sealed surface should be inspected periodically for areas of thin or traffic-worn sealer and reapplied as needed. If traces of efflorescence are present, this should first be eliminated with a gentle cleaner. For maximum life expectancy, routinely sweep and wash floors with appropriate cleaners and detergents. All chemicals or abrasive grit should be removed as soon as possible.
    • Store in a safe place. Keep containers tightly sealed. DO NOT allow product to freeze. Material that is frozen CANNOT be used when thawed.
    • Shelf life is approximately 12 months.