Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal

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  • Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal 2000
Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal 2000 Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal 2000 Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal 2000 Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal

Concrete Sealer, Acrylic SuperSeal

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  • Important Notes About This Sealer

    • PLEASE NOTE: Some US States have regulated the VOC level allowed for concrete sealer to be used within the state. Please check your local regulations for VOC requirements. SuperSeal is available in 600, 400, 350, and 100 VOC level options .  California requires a special solvent and so requires use of a different sealer completely: GemKote 100VOC (sold here), or Superseal 20WB which is water-based and has very low VOCs.
    • This product can only ship with FedEx/UPS in 1 Gallon sizes.  If ordering 30 gallons or more, they will ship in 5-gallon pails via Freight Carrier.
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    Product Detail:

    • SuperSeal is Professional Grade acrylic sealer that can be applied to almost any surface: Concrete, Tile, Pavers, Slate Tile, Cementitious Overlays, and much more.
    • Quick Drying, dries crystal clear. Available in Gloss or Matte finishes. 
    • If using around water, consider adding Anti Slip Grit (sold here) to the sealer to keep the concrete from becoming dangerously slippery! 
      • 1 qty. of the Anti Slip Grit (1lb) is designed to treat 5 gallons of sealer, so you would use 1/5 of the Slip Grit into each 1 gallon of sealer.
    • Available in different VOC levels to meet your local state requirements.  We list some of the state requirements below that we know of (but these can change without us knowing so always consult your local regulations):
      • SuperSeal-2000 (The Original Sealer) 600 VOC (Most states allowed)
      • SuperSeal 400 VOC 
      • SuperSeal 350 VOC (Texas)
      • SuperSeal 100 VOC (Utah, Colorado)
    • Protects concrete surfaces by making them resist staining, chipping, and freezing.
    • Non-Yellowing.
    • Interior/Exterior Use.
    • UV and Stain Resistant.
    • Enhances Color.
    Product Specifications:
    • Coverage: 150-200 square feet per gallon, depending on porosity of surface.
    • Contains 23% acrylic solids.
    • Sold in 1, 5 and 55 Gallons. (1 Gallons ship UPS Ground, 5 Gallons ship via Freight- please order in single 1 Gallon containers unless ordering a minimum of 30 gallon total)

    • View SuperSeal Data Sheet (TDS)
    • View SuperSeal Safety Data (SDS)

      Application Overview:

      • Easy application- Ensure application surface is clean and dry. Apply with brush, roller, or Industrial Concrete Sprayer (sold here). Clean up with xylene.
      • Drying time: 4 hours at 75 degrees F. Maximum hardness achieved after 7 days.
      • Apply 2 or more light coats with 1-3 hours between coats (or until surface is dry to the touch).
      • Avoid applying in direct sunlight, on rainy/foggy days, or during the hottest part of the day. Apply in temperatures between 55°F and 80°F.
      • Keep foot traffic off for 24 hours. Allow 72 hours before heavy traffic.
      • If used on surfaces not textured for slip resistance, especially in areas water can accumulate, adding a Anti-Skid Additive to the sealer (must be constantly mixed while applying to keep it in suspension) will help prevent slippery surfaces.
      • Interior surfaces can be treated with Acrylic Floor Wax once sealed, which is very quick to apply and is the preferred method of routine maintenance to keep the surface protected, and looking great.

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