FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain

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  • FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain
FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain

FUSED Concrete Solid Color Stain

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  • FUSED Concrete Stain System

    • FUSED is a line of concrete stain that is pigmented, water-borne, non yellowing.
    • Available in 7 UV color choices for the Solid Stain (this product), and 3 colors for the Semi-Transparent Enhancer Stain (sold here).
    • It will work on concrete and masonry surfaces.
    • Features an ultra-small nano particle size in the formula, which promotes outstanding penetration and adhesion.
    • Extremely hydrophobic and provides excellent protection from water, de-icing salts, and degradation from freeze-thaw cycles.

    Benefits (why use this stain over other stains?)

    • Solid color will cover over, fix old or ugly concrete.
    • Solid color is effecting for covering over existing color imperfections in your concrete, creating an even, consistent, clean appearance!
    • The second step- the semi-transparent stain will create definition and depth, just like decorative/stamped concrete should look like when done right!  Great to renew, change the color, or just fix bad looking stamped concrete.
    • Ease of use- simple to apply
    • Quick to apply all steps- the final 'sealer' stage can be done as soon as the surface of the colored stain is dry

     The 3 Stages

    • Step 1: FUSED Clear Primer/Sealer. An optional step for very porous surfaces (ie. broomed concrete).  
    • Step 2: FUSED Solid Color Stain.  Use to create a solid color surface.  
    • Step 3: FUSED Enhancer Semi Transparent Stain.  Used to highlight stamped or textured concrete surfaces.  Apply over Step 2, adding a variegated color over the base color.
    • Step 4: Final Sealer.  Most often the FUSED Clear Primer/Sealer is used as a final clear coat, and in the event that the surface needs to be coated again one day, more Fused Stain can be applied over the surface if sealed with the FUSED sealer.  For a little harder, more durable top coat, especially when used indoors, use the DK400WB (sold in Gloss or Satin), a Water-Based Polyurethane coating.

    The Process

    • Clean off old concrete.  Use a product like EZ Prep (sold here) and a good pressure washer to remove any old sealer, dirt, grime, grease, etc.  In some cases, other steps may be needed to remove old sealer/coatings.  No stain or sealer will perform well if the 'cleaning prep' stage is neglected!
    • Mix FUSED products prior to use.  Very important.  Mix with a paint mixer drill, usually pour/combine the stains into a clean 5-gallon bucket to ensure blended evenly.
    • If using the FUSED primer, apply to the surface by sprayer/roller/or brush.
    • Apply the FUSED solid color stain per TDS (instructions), typically by roller.
    • Apply the FUSED semi transparent stain over the solid color stain, when looking to accent/highlight areas (stamped concrete usually)
    • Apply a sealer coating to protect and prolong the newly stained surface.
    • Relax.  Enjoy.  And, tell your neighbors to visit Expressions LTD and make their concrete look as good as yours!