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  • Amperseal Concrete Sealer
Amperseal Concrete Sealer Amperseal Concrete Sealer Amperseal Concrete Sealer Amperseal Concrete Sealer

Amperseal Concrete Sealer

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    NOTE: Concrete Sealers are PROFESSIONAL coatings. A professional coating product can be applied by anyone, but without proper practice, experience, and understanding it may not turn out perfect on the first attempt. Amperseal, like any sealer, is not guaranteed, because it relies on a good application process. If your concrete isn't cleaned right, dry enough, or the sealer mixed correctly prior to application, then problems can occur. PLEASE, test the product on a small piece, get used to using it, and good at applying it... and you will have a fantastic sealer on your concrete pieces. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you understand the risks of using the sealer and accept responsibility for any results.  Happy Sealing!  - Expressions LTD

    Product Description:
    • Amperseal Application Instructions (TDS)
    • Amperseal is a concrete and masonry surface coating that offers top of the line protection from scratching, staining, and acid etching. It is also an excellent anti-graffiti coating.
    • Available in three finishes: Flat, Satin, and Gloss.
    • Amperseal can be applied onto concrete in as little as two days after pour.
    • Cures in 72 hours.
    • Can be applied by roller or by sprayer. Spraying (using an HVLP Sprayer) is the easiest, fastest, and creates the best possible finish.
    • Amperseal is a two-part finish coat that are mixed prior to applying, and has only a few hours of Pot Life to use it once mixed. For that reason, only mix small amounts right before using it to avoid wasting product.
    • Amperseal has the advantage of being less moisture sensitive than other sealing systems.
    • Amperseal has 25 years of field performance history as an anti-graffiti system.
    • Complete stain resistance to all household items including but not limited to vinegar, wine, hot sauce, oil, muriatic acid, permanent marker, bleach, mustard, and more.
    • Suitable for any outdoor or indoor environment.
    • An advanced SureBond Primer stage can be used to get maximum adhesion to highly polished concrete, glass aggregate and GFRC.
    • Completely UV stable.
    • Low VOC less than 78g/l.
    • Extremely thin film provides excellent scratch resistance.
    • Heat rating of 350°-400° F. Rating increases the longer the sealer has cured. Always test a section to guarantee any heat tolerance.
    • Life Expectancy: 20-25 years.
    Technical Specifications:
    • Amperseal is sold in Quart Kits and Gallon Kits, as well as individual components.
        • Quart Kit and Gallon Kit includes part A and part B of the Finish Coat steps only!  This is all most customers need in order to seal their concrete countertop.  The Finish Coat will color enhance the concrete- brings out the color, similar to how the concrete looks when wet.  Finish Coat is mixed in a 4:1 ratio- 4 parts A to 1 part B.  Mixing Cups (sold here) are a good way to prepare sealer coatings.
          • Optional Component: Surebond Primer: Used to prime the surface before using the BaseCoat.  No primer needed if not using the BaseCoat.
          • Optional Component: BaseCoat: Must use the Surebond Primer first.  BaseCoat will do a few things- helps fill in any pinholes in the concrete surface, as well as blocks the Finish Coat from color enhancing the concrete.  The concrete will maintain the natural coloring as it did when dry and un-sealed.
      • Coverage: Varies based on surface porosity.
        • Figures below are based on 2 light application coats of the Step 3 Finish Coat:
          • Average Quart Kit coverage: 50-60 sq. ft.
            • Quart Kit: 1 quart Part A + ½ pint Part B
          • Average Gallon Kit coverage: 200-240 sq. ft.
            • Gallon Kit: 1 gallon Part A + 1 quart Part B


      Shipping Information:

      • Please note that the Basecoat part can freeze and be ruined.  If ordering the Basecoat and there is a possibility of freezing during transit, you should select UPS Next Day or 2-Day Air shipping, and order at the beginning of the week so a shipment isn't sitting over the weekend.

      Application Instructions: (view/download/print Amperseal TDS Application Guide)

      • Surface Preparation
        • Diamond polish to a grit of 200 or Sand to a grit of 220.
        • Be sure surface is polished or sanded evenly without any shiny or inconsistent areas.
        • Be sure the surface is completely clean and dry.
        • Concrete surface should be at least 72 hours old; below 60 degrees you should wait longer; wait at least 24 hours after water polishing before sealing.
      •  Step 1 – Applying the Sure Bond primer coat: ** If color enhancement of the concrete is desired skip to Step 3 (most people skip this step).
        • Wipe down the surface with a lint free rag or tack cloth. (No solvents are required or recommended)
        • Using a sprayer, apply using a fog coat technique, do not wet the surface.
        • A thin mist will give the best adhesion, too thick and there will be whiting or hazing on the surface. Coverage rates should be between 600-800 sq. ft. per gallon. Only one coat is necessary.
        • Clean tools with MEK or acetone.
        • Allow to dry for approx. 20-30 minutes before proceeding onto step 2.
      • Step 2 – The base coat: ** If color enhancement of the concrete is desired skip this step (most people skip this step as well).
        • The basecoat can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on. The best method is to roll the material taking care to get it in any pinholes.
        • Wet thickness should be between 4-6 mils per coat, it is best to do a few thin coats rather than one or two thick coats, waiting just long enough between coats for the surface to dry to the touch.
        • If applied too heavily the finish could become hazy. Coverage is approx. 200 to 220 sq. ft. per gallon.
        • Let dry 24 hours and sand with 220 grit sandpaper and clean using a soft lint-free cloth. The surface should be free of any imperfections such as pinholes or dimples, if it is proceed to step3, if not repeat step 2. Clean tools with MEK or Acetone.
      •  Step 3 – The finish coat:
        • The Amperseal finish coat should be applied under dry conditions, with a temperature between 50ºF-90º F. The surface should be visibly dry and ambient conditions, including relative humidity, should be such that condensation does not form on the surface during application.
        • The finish sealer can be applied using an airless sprayer, a lambs-wool applicator, lint free roller, or a quality high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayer with a tip size between 1.4 & 1.8.
        • Mix the Part A portion of the finish coat (matte and semi-gloss) thoroughly before adding Part B making sure to achieve full suspension of the matte agent. Then mix Part B and add to Part A stirring slowly for 4 minutes. This is the materials induction period. Make sure you mix Amperseal precisely, in the 4:1 ratio, by volume- not weight.
        • Make sure surface is completely clean and dry. Wet thickness should be between 4-6 mils.
        • Two coats are recommended, allowing 45-60 minutes between coats or until first coat is dry to the touch, yet still slightly tacky, or allow first coat 24 hrs. Dry, sand with 240-320 grit sandpaper and then apply second coat. Coverage is approx. 200 to 240 sq. ft. per gallon. (Includes both coats)
        • The sealer dries to the touch quickly and does not attract many dust particles, so buffing after sealing is generally not required. If buffing is desired wait 24 hours before proceeding with your post application finishing. Clean tools with MEK or Acetone.
        • The sealer reaches 95% cure in 72 hours and 100% in 7 days. Until fully cured the surface must be kept clean and dry. Do not slide objects across the surface as excess scratching may occur before final cure.
        • Clean surface with non-abrasive household cleaner.

      Clean-Up Instructions:

      • Clean application equipment immediately after use. Clean equipment frequently with MEK.
      Handling & Storage Precautions:
      • Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 40ºF and 80ºF, out of direct sunlight. An inside detached storage area is preferable. Inside storage should be in a standard flammable liquid storage room or cabinet. Ground containers when transferring product from one metal container to another. Do not reuse empty product container for any purpose.