Drain Hole Kitchen Plug Knockout, Re-usable Rubber PNL Liners

Drain Hole Kitchen Plug Knockout, Re-usable Rubber

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Product Details:
  • Re-usable Polyurethane Drain Hole Plug / Knockout.
  • Use to make a drain hole for large kitchen sized concrete sinks.
  • Larger diameter hole on under side of the concrete countertop is to allow room for mounting bracket and nut to secure drain hardware (to avoid having to use costly extra-deep basket and disposer drains).
  • Slightly angled sides to allow for easy removal from concrete.
  • Made of extremely durable Polyurethane. Good for hundreds of uses.
Product Specifications:
  • Measurements: 3 1/2" Diameter (Sink) x 5.75" Diameter (Mounting Hardware Area) x 2" High.
  • To Use- Secure rubber plug knockout in place (ie. to the fiberglass sink mold) with a little silicone. You may also drill a small hole through the center of the Knockout, and use a washer and a very long screw or bolt to secure the plug, but would require drilling a hole in the sink mold as well.  Applying Spray Release (sold here) prior to casting the concrete will make removal easier.
  • Removal- Prior to flipping over your concrete, loosen the edges of the Knockout with a flat head screw driver. Once the concrete piece is turned over, you should be able to push the Knockout free with your thumb and very little pressure.  If plug is difficult to remove, the center of the rubber can be drilled out, generally making the plug easier to get out while still being reusable.
  • To Clean- Scrape off any hardened concrete and/or silicone.

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