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LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber

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LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber

  • LED Grow light bars, specially tuned to grow algae.
  • A specially build combination of 660nm red and 460nm blue LEDs. Tested and proven to grow robust, thick algae.
  • Water proof light bar, unlike most DIY LED setups, won't short out if splashed with water... a very useful thing since these are used to grow algae in and around water.
  • LEDs are usually good for 10-11 years, although there may be some drop in performance before then. These grow light bars should be good for years and years, use very very little power, and are an all-in-one unit with built in aluminum body heatsinks.
  • Algae Scrubbers are a little known secret to use on aquariums or ponds, in place of 'traditional' and expensive filter systems. Most retail stores that sell aquarium goods will not mention or recommend an 'Algae Scrubber' since they are easy and cheap to build, and replace all of the expensive filters and products that the retailer profits from.
    • Too much to go into here, so please refer to a google search on Algae Scrubbers.
    • Basically, water passes over a screen, lit by the LED Grow light bars, and algae grows on the screen.
    • This algae removes unwanted content from the water, and allows an easy cleaning every 1-2 weeks, to scrape off the algae and begin the cycle again.
    • Growing the algae in a specified area removes the nutrients and waste from the water in a highly efficient manner, in a controlled space, and will greatly reduce or completely eliminate algae from growing in the aquarium, on rocks, or on the glass.
    • In many cases, an Algae Scrubber can replace ALL other sources of filters, skimmers, etc. in a marine or fresh water aquarium system, and remove the need for any water changes. In salt water aquariums with corals, this means that foods corals feed on can always stay in the system, constantly feeding the corals, instead of being skimmed out or caught and stuck in filter media while it decomposes.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 13 1/4" Long, 2 3/4" Wide, 3/4" Depth (Overall size including end mounting tabs).
    • Light Bar without mounting tabs: 12" Long, 1 1/16" Wide, 5/8" Depth.
  • Each LED light bar contains 9 LEDs, each 1 watt.
    • 8 Red LEDs, 660nm. 1 Blue LED, 460nm. 
    • Configured: Red Red Blue Red Red Red Red Red Red
      • We tried and tested this exact LED grow light bar for 11 months before offering these for sale, and have proven how successful these LEDs are at growing algae, and how successful an algae scrubber can be, as the only source of filtering/cleaning a 220 gallon salt water reef aquarium.
  • Each single light bar comes with a power transformer and power cord.
  • Each 2 Pack ordered will come with 2 light bars, 1 power transformer and 1 two-way splitter (the transformer can supply power to two of the LED lights when using the splitter).
  • Each 4 Pack ordered will come with 4 light bars, 2 power transformer and 2 two-way splitter (the transformer can supply power to two of the LED lights when using the splitter).
  • The transformer is rated for AC85-265V, so is suitable for most areas/countries. The plug portion of the transformer is a standard 3-prong used in the U.S.A. Please note, the transformers and cords are not water proof rated, so must be situated in a way that they will be safe from water contact.

Application of LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber:

  • Expressions LTD now is offering our professionally fabricated ATS Algae Scrubber Plexiglas Boxes (sold here). These are the improved version prototyped in most of our ATS Videos on YouTube, and is designed to have a perfect and quick connection to these LED Grow Light Bars.
  • Design, building, and ideas for algae scrubbers can be found at a number of online sources such as algaescrubber.net.
  • An algae scrubber can be built over an aquarium so the water flows over the screen and into the tank (this is a very noisy approach), in a sump, or in an enclosed area. Enclosed areas are usually the ideal choice, as the light used to grow the algae can be contained for maximum growth, and so you don't grow algae in unwanted places (any places the light hits, can and will eventually start to grow some form of algae, so a whole sump could become covered in a thin coat of unsightly brown or green 'slime' if lit by the LED grow light bars.
  • One of the most efficient designs is to create an enclosed box, and using a small pump, pump water from the aquarium or sump into the enclosed area, over the plastic screen (which is where the algae grows) and is lit by the LED light bars from a few inches away. Designing the screen so it can be removed easily is key, as the algae will need to be scraped off (or 'harvested') every 1-2 weeks, and thus removing all of the unwanted nutrients that the algae has taken out of the water.
  • In most cases, 2 LED light bars would be used on each side of the algae scrubber, with one light bar turned 180 degrees, so the blue lights are not directly above/below each other. The 460nm Blue LED has proven to be a beneficial factor into making algae grow thicker and stronger, and mounting so one is on each end will distribute the blue light over the algae growing screen best.

Shipping & Warranty Information for LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber:

  • Usually ships within 1-2 business days.
  • We offer a 90 day warranty against defect. Warranty does not cover water damage to the transformer, or to the connection between the light bar and transformer. We do not warranty the light bar if you are unable to grow algae. Please refer to online sources for algae scrubbers for tips on how to build a successful algae scrubber!

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    Alan Cherney
    works great!

    i ordered 4 of these, and they work great! i initially made a mistake during my order and customer service was very quick to help fix it.

    christopher mclaughlin
    Led grow light bars

    Great product I also get really good algea growth on my screen witch is awsome for my happy tank. Thank u guys for putting out a great product also that awsome customer service will definitely recommend for anyone looking for algea scrubber leds thank u again.

    Douglas McCulloch
    LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber

    light arrived in Australia in 3 weeks.
    It is as "advertised" and works on aussie power. :)

    Excellent product and service

    Product came well packaged and arrived quickly.

    Description and specifications are well captured on the site. I had already built a algae scrubber box based on the light specs.

    Overall very pleased!:grinning:

    Rodney Malmquist
    LED Grow Light Bar, Algae Scrubber

    Item was out of stock, but I kept informed of this and received item about one month later. Good quality item at a great price. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but after doing a bit of research, this is exactly the kind of light you need to grow algae in your sump at a much lower price than other light bars I have found. Also, very thin so it doesn't take up a ton of space under the tank, leaving more rome under the tank for the sump.