Concrete Accent Stamp - N E S W (North, East, South, West) Walttools-Stamps

Concrete Accent Stamp - N E S W (North, East, South, West)

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Product Specifications:
  • N E S W Accent Concrete stamp
  • Letters to stamp into concrete (or other surfaces) and create compass directions.
  • Often used in conjunction with the 48" Compass Star Stamp (sold here)
  • Made from the highest grade Polyurethane Rubber.
  • Stamp has heavy duty handles on the back.
  • Stamp Measurements:
    • Size: Letters are appox. 4" High 
    • Imprint Depth: 1/4"

      Mold Use:

      • Place concrete, float, apply Color Hardener (optional). 
      • When concrete is set up enough to take a stamp, broadcast a Color Release Powder, or Liquid Release onto the concrete surface and some onto the Stamp itself. 
      • Place the Stamp onto the concrete in position, and then walk on or us a Tamper Tool to fully imprint the stamp into the concrete.  The more set up the concrete is, the more force may be needed to imprint the stamp.
      • Watch videos and tutorials on our YouTube Video Page.

      Mold Clean-up and Care:

      • Clean Mold with a scrub brush and water immediately after use and it will always be perfect for the next use.  Failure to clean each time will result in dried cement sticking to the stamp and degrading the quality of the imprint on further stampings.  Any dried cement residue can be loosened with a light muriatic acid wash (20:1, 20 parts water to 1 part muriatic acid) followed by scrubbing and washing with water.
      • Keep out of sunlight for storage.  Store somewhere flat, and out of the sun.