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Concrete Countertop Form Tape

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Concrete Countertop Form Tape

  • Glossy plastic 1.5", 2" tape or 3" tape rolls, 108 feet length.
  • Ideal for wrapping extruded polystyrene (foam) sink knockouts, and other form pieces when fabricating concrete countertops.
  • Flexible tape bends around corners without binding and creating lines or ridges in the tape.
  • Leaves a nice glossy finish on the finished concrete surface.

Concrete Countertop Form Tape Specifications:

    • Measurements: Tape width: 1.5", 2" or 3" 
    • Roll Length: 108' (Feet)
    • Tape thickness: 6 mil

      How to Use the Concrete Countertop Form Tape:

      • Form wrapping Tape is usually used to wrap a foam cutout for the sink area in a concrete countertop.
        • To wrap the foam, first cut the foam knockout for the sink to the size of the template provided with the sink, using a scroll saw, band saw, or jig saw. 
        • Sand the foam knockout to remove any irregularities from cutting. 
        • Once the foam is smooth and to your satisfaction, clean the foam piece by vacuum or compressed air.
        • Take a small section of the Tape, about 12" should be enough, and stick the sticky side of the Tape to the edges of the foam piece- to further pull off any fine particles from cutting/sanding the foam.  Discard this piece of tape when done.
        • Wrap the foam knockout with the tape, carefully aligning it.  Be careful to not pull the Tape too tight, or it will stretch out and won't cover the full width (2" or 3", depending on the size Tape ordered).
        • To best hide the start/stop joint of the tape, pull the tape past the start point once the tape is wrapped all the way around the foam piece. Cut the tape about 2" past the start joint, and let it rest for a few minutes for the tape to contract.  Take a new, sharp razor blade and carefully cut through the tape, cutting a new joint through the 2 layers of tape.  Carefully peel up the tape and remove the short, cut pieces, and re-apply the tape to the foam.
        • The foam can now be siliconed down into the form, and a finish bead of silicone ran along the perimeter.
      • This Tape can also be used to cover a number of other surfaces and mold materials, for use with casting concrete countertops and forms.

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      Marion Kessy
      Concrete Countertop Form Tape

      Product arrived. Excellent packing. On time.
      Excellent product

      Christopher Smith
      Does what it should.

      Useful happy with this

      cole roland
      excellent product

      Used around foam base mold for sink and came out smooth all way around edge very nice, also two day shipping was sweet! Thank you