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Surecrete MicroTek - Microtopping Overlay For Showers Walls Countertops

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Surecrete MicroTek - Microtopping Overlay For Showers Walls Countertops

Surecrete MicroTek - Microtopping Overlay For Showers Walls Countertops

  • MicroTek™ One Coat Micro Topping is a thin concrete overlay mix that can be applied on over surfaces to create concrete like countertops, floors and walls.  Used commonly to create concrete showers by applying over waterproof membranes or cement-board.  Can even be applied over drywall for simple accent walls!
  • Available in a white (or special order in gray)
  • Microtek can be colored with any of the 30 Standard Colorpacks (sold here).
  • Just add water to use
  • Coverage: Approx. 200 – 300 square feet per 40 lb bag (Varies based on substrate and application)
  • Documentation:
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Thin Concrete Overlay For Floors and Walls – Micro Topping MicroTek™ One Coat by SureCrete

Thin Concrete Overlay Micro Topping for Floors and Walls

Thin Concrete Overlay Micro Topping for Floors and Walls

SureCrete’s Micro Topping is a single component thin concrete overlay that is a self-bonding cement based, for interior concrete surfaces. Micro-Topping was designed to yield an exceptionally smooth tight-troweled finish that can provide a new “blank canvas” for decorative concrete floors. It may also be placed vertically on interior walls, creating the look of Venetian plaster. The application can be accomplished by trowel or “magic trowel.” Micro Topping thin concrete overlay is prepared with gray cement or white cement that may accept Color Packs.

When restoring an old concrete surface, or even possibly some freshly poured ones, inevitably there is some discoloration and cracks or maybe even significant patching that has to be done. These blemishes on your concrete slab can easily show through any decorative stains or sealers applied to your finished surface. With Micro Topping thin concrete overlay, your newly created “blank canvas” can alleviate these issues, giving you a nice clean surface to begin creating your new custom floor designs. While it may take a professionally trained hand too tightly trowel a flat surface using Micro Topping, many of the designs you can create using this product can be achieved by even the new Do it yourself (DIY) homeowner.

Micro Topping can be utilized in a variety of different thin concrete overlay functions:

  • Custom Floor Tile Patterns
  • “Slop-Trowel” Unique Floor Finish
  • Faux Slate Tile
  • Faux “Marbled” Floor Designs
  • Faux Venetian Plaster Wall Coating
  • Commercial Floor Coatings
  • Thin Concrete Resurface Repairing
  • Solid Color Floors
  • Blank Canvas for Eco-Stain
  • Custom Themed Thin Overlay
  • Screened-In Patios
  • Kitchen & Living Area Floors
  • Concrete Resurfacing Polished Look

How Do You Apply SureCrete Micro Topping Thin Concrete Overlay Mix?

We’ll show you the best way to use Micro Topping:

  1. Any surface receiving a cementitious coating must be clean, cured, sound and profiled. See our Surface Preparation products for more information on accomplishing this
  2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 48 hour period following application.
  3. Add 5 quarts water per 40 lb bag to 5 gal bucket and mix in any color desired for integral coloring of Micro Topping
  4. Slowly introduce Micro Topping while continuously mixing and mix for a minimum of 1 minute once all product has been emptied into a container. Scrape the sides of the bucket to make sure there are no “dry pockets” that didn’t get mixed properly.
  5. Mist the surface of the concrete with water, and pour out a generous amount of Micro Topping thin concrete overlay.
  6. Tightly trowel or squeegee the product over your entire application area.
  7. If you need a second coat of Micro Topping thin concrete overlay, only wait until the surface is properly cured – between 2-6 hours. Then just apply the same as the first layer!
  8. Once the surface is dry to the touch, it can accept stains and secondary colorants at this point and is also ready to receive a sealer. Typical indoor applications would utilize a polyurethane or polyaspartic sealer from our DuraKote line of products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Topping Thin Concrete Overlay:

Do I have to use two coats of Micro Topping?

Not necessarily. It depends on completely upon the design you’re looking for and the substrate you’re working with.

How do I make those nice tape patterns in thin concrete overlay?

They’re fairly simple to create, just check out our Design Ideas or Videos section for a few pointers. If nothing else, feel free to attend one of our local training opportunities throughout the country.

Can I mix Micro Topping in large batches?

While mixing in large batches can be done, it is important never to mix up more than can be applied within a 45-minute time frame.

Why are there different colors and cracks shadowing through my Micro Topping Thin Concrete Overlay

Micro Topping is applied at such a thin rate that imperfections will likely show through in the first coat of the product, this would be a case where a second layer would probably be desired.

Specs and Properties of Micro Topping:

Coverage Approx 200-300 square foot (Varies based on substrate and application)
VOC Rating 0 g/L
Shelf Life 1 year in original unopened bag, if kept dry
Mixing Ratio 5-6 quarts water per 40 lb bag
Base Color White or Gray
Density 126.1 lbs/cubic foot
Compressive Strength ASTM C-109: 4,278 PSI @ 28 days
Flexural Strength ASTM C-348: 995 PSI @ 28 days
Tensile Strength ASTM C-190: 440 PSI @ 28 days
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-4060: 28
days %loss – 500 cycles – less than 0.50%
Mosaic Shear ANSI A 118.4: 280 PSI @ 28 days

    Customer Reviews

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    Julie Rogers
    Saved the day!!

    My attempt at a concrete countertop didn't go as well as I hoped, but this microtopping saved it and it looks great. It was easy to mix and apply over the uneven concrete, and no one can even tell now that it's finished that it's not just normal concrete. Thank you for helping me fix this!