Concrete Bathtub Mold- Urbane Tub

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  • Concrete Bathtub Mold- Urbane Tub
Concrete Bathtub Mold- Urbane Tub Concrete Bathtub Mold- Urbane Tub

Concrete Bathtub Mold- Urbane Tub

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  • Product Description:

    • Bath Tub Mold to create a concrete tub.
    • Dimensions: 52" x 25.5" x 18" Deep.
    • The Urbane style design with built in armrests and smooth flowing lines.
    • This is a one-part mold- just the negative of the tub.
    • Designed to be used for a pre-cast tub, or cast in place concrete tub.
      • Precast: Place Tub Mold on form material, and construct a 'box' around the Tub Mold to hold the concrete.
      • In-Place Casting: Tub Mold will need to be suspended in place, usually using a framework of 2x4's. Any sides to the concrete tub will need to be formed up. Generally plumbing for the tub drain will already be connected, and a drain hardware piece installed to the plumbing, with the Tub Mold resting on top of the drain.
    • Dura-BLU fiberglass Molds are reusable indefinitely with proper care.
    • Dura-BLU molds have the highest grade Industrial Gelcoat finish.
    • Dura-BLU Molds are made using the strongest commercial-grade resin, NOT out of GP (General Purpose fiberglass resin).
    • Each Dura-BLU Mold has an Internal Flange:
      • Inner Flange further strengthens and braces the Mold.
      • Creates a platform to screw into; securing the Mold to the form.
      • Allows clamps to be used to lift stuck Molds out of cured concrete.
    Warranty Information:
    • All Dura-BLU Molds have Lifetime Guarantee against defect. This Guarantee does not cover misuse of the Molds (Dropping the Mold, Prying the Mold out using a screwdriver, Driving onto it with a truck tire... etc.).
    • Expressions LTD will not be held liable for any damage, misuse, or collateral damages resulting from use of any of our products. If there is a flaw or defect with a product, we will fix or replace the product.