Concrete Crack Repair, Polyurea TK-9030

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  • Concrete Crack Repair, Polyurea TK-9030

Concrete Crack Repair, Polyurea TK-9030

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  • Product Details:

    • Professional Grade, Heavy-duty crack repair for concrete surfaces.  TK-POLYUREA CRACK REPAIR is a fast-setting, low viscosity, polyurea/urethane blend for penetrating and filling cracks in concrete bridge decks and slabs.
    • Low viscosity to easily penetrate cracks as small as 1/32”, effectively sealing them off from damage and degradation
    • Extremely fast setting - gels in 3-6 minutes and tack free in 10 minutes.
    • Gray color.  
      • Suitable for use to fill and repair concrete bridge decks and concrete slabs
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      With a number of options to repair cracks and fill joints, here is a quick guide for product selection:

      • TK-9000: 100% Epoxy. Every day crack repair- garage floors, sidewalks, basements. Normally applied by putty knife and sold in 1/2 gallon and 2 gallon size kits.
      • TK-9010: Epoxy. Every day joint filler to close control joints. Great for under epoxy floor coatings. Normally applied and sold in cartridges.
      • TK-9020: Polyurea/Urethane blend. Fast Setting.  Flexible Joint Filler- when concrete pieces might move, use this!  Normally applied and sold in cartridges.  
      • TK-9030: Polyurea. Fast Setting, crack filler that can seep into the smallest of cracks.  Normally applied and sold in cartridges.



      • Cartridge: Each 600-ml cartridge will fill 36 cubic inches (or a crack that is 12 linear feet long, by 1/8” wide, by 2” deep). On bridge decks, each 600-ml cartridge will cover approximately 75-100 linear feet.
      • 2-gallon: Each kit will fill 462 cubic inches.
      • *Coverage rate will vary depending on the size of the crack and any waste overfilled.

      APPLICATION PROCEDURES: PREPARATION: Cracks and joints should be clean and dry. Any contaminants including paints, curing compounds, oil, dirt and debris must be removed prior to application.

      APPLICATION: Cartridge Application - Shake the cartridge and remove the nut and cartridge plugs. Install flow restrictor, attach static mixer to cartridge and replace the nut. Install cartridge into mix gun, place mixer tip into the area to be filled and squeeze the trigger to begin product flow. Maintain steady pressure to ensure proper mixing.

      • This product is available in gallons, or in a Dual Cartridge caulk tube, that requires a special dual-cartridge caulking gun (such as sold here on Amazon).  Cartridges are 600-ml (approx. 20-fl. oz. each).

      Bulk Kit Application - When using either 2-gallon or 10-gallon bulk kits: Stir parts A and B separately before combining together. Mix equal parts A and B by volume. Blend quickly and vigorously using a paddle-type mixer until the material is completely homogeneous. Scrape the sides of container frequently while mixing.

      Mix only small amounts at one time and work quickly as pot life of catalyzed material is 3-6 minutes at 75°F (24°C).

      NOTE: Silica sand may be used to discontinue flow into cracks and joints.

      DRY TIME*: At 70°F, this product gels in 3-6 minutes and is tack free in 10 minutes. *Gel times, cure times and thin film tack free times will be extended with cooler temperatures.

      CLEAN UP: Spills of uncured material may be cleaned with XYLENE. Cured material is extremely chemically inert and should be scraped off surfaces before it cures. Discard any used static mixers and do not attempt to reuse.