Wood Concrete Stamp - Tree Bark 36" x 24"

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  • Concrete Stamp Tree Bark
Concrete Stamp Tree Bark Wood Concrete Stamp - Tree Bark 36

Wood Concrete Stamp - Tree Bark 36" x 24"

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  • Product Detail:

    • Concrete Stamp Pattern: Tree Bark.
    • Creates a perfectly realistic tree bark texture. Can be used on vertical or horizontal concrete.
    • Made from super strong polyurethane rubber, so it can bend and form easily and is strong enough to not tear when removing from the concrete.
    • This texture stamp pattern comes in just one stamp part. Order multiple pieces of this stamp to repeat the pattern quickly.
    • Flex Stamp Style- no handles or straps are on the back of the stamp.
    • Concrete Stamps are made of polyurethane composites- Very durable, good for hundreds of uses.
    • Use stamps with integral concrete color and colored release agents, or acid stains, to create beautiful two dimensional concrete.
    Product Specifications:
    • Stamp dimensions: 36" x 24". Please note that the rubber material stamps and form liners are made from can change slightly in size, due to weather and environmental changes when they are made. Please wait until you have your stamp(s) and get an accurate measurement before building any formwork to hold them!
    • We sell this Tree Bark texture in a few mold variants:
    • Use: Place in a form, or use to press into finished concrete. Applying a powder or liquid release agent to concrete and stamp. For best results, set up a form holding the Tree Bark stamp in place, fill form with concrete, and wait a few days to remove the Stamp(s) from the concrete.  
      • For pressing into concrete, place stamp against concrete surface and press into the concrete. Push the stamp (for vertical application) or walk on the stamp (for horizontal application). Depending on concrete hardness, an Impact Tool may be needed to help push the stamp into the concrete.
    • The Tree Bark texture stamp has long 'fingers' in the rubber stamp that create the crevices in the tree bark. Take extra care when using and removing this stamp from concrete to preserve this detail and not damage the stamp or concrete.
    • Care: Clean stamps after each use with water and a stiff brush. Pressure washing can make cleaning quicker.
    • Keep stamps stored out of direct sunlight to prolong their life.
    Shipping Information:
    • This product usually ships within 1-2 business days. Only a few are kept on hand, so if ordering more than two stamps, an extra couple days may be required for us to make the stamps.
    • Shipping is based on each stamp shipping via UPS in an individual box. If ordering 4 or more of this Tree Bark Stamp, shipping via Freight will probably be cheaper, so please contact us to arrange.