Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast

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  • Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast
Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast

Epoxy Floor Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast

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  • PLEASE NOTE! The Quartz Sand Decorative Broadcast requires a minimum 8 bag quantity, per color, to be ordered at a time (example: if you need 10 bags total, just order a quantity of '10'.)

    Also note, this product does not qualify for Free Shipping, as the bags will ship by Freight LTL carrier, and we need to run a shipping quote at the time of order.  Typically we will place the order for you, so please contact us.

    Product Details:

    • Urethane coated quartz sand.
    • For use with Epoxy floor coatings.
    • Semi-angular quartz sand, coated with pigmented urethane.
    • Brightens or soften the environment by controlling the color and texture of the floor.
    • Check out our Epoxy Product Needed Guide for basic calculations on materials needed.
    • Packaging: 50 lb. bags. Minimum order: 8 bags per colored blend.
    • Coverage: 50 lbs. of Urethane Coated Quartz Sand will cover about 65 square feet, at a Double Broadcast* rate. A light broadcast can treat up to 100 sq. ft. per 50 lb. bag of quartz sand.
      • *Double Broadcast: Quartz Sand is broadcast onto the wet epoxy, allowed to dry, another coating of epoxy put out, and then a lighter coating of the Quartz Sand broadcast again, followed by the final epoxy or urethane Top Coat.

    Application Instructions:

    • Prep the floor- Grind with a Turbo Cup Wheel to roughen it up.  All grease/dirt/contaminant MUST be removed prior to epoxy, and floor dry at least 24 hours.  Washing with muriatic acid will also help etch the floor in preparation for epoxy.
    • Apply a base layer of SHIELD 50 Epoxy  at a coverage of 150 sq. ft. per gallon.
      • When doing Double Broadcast, just use un-pigmented Shield 50.
    • Immediately broadcast the urethane coated Quartz Sand onto the wet epoxy. (Use of Spiked Shoes will allow easier access to all areas of the floor).
    • Broadcasting can be done in a as thin or thick as desired. Images of blended colors are from the recommended 'Double Broadcast' application:
      • Double Broadcast: Apply Epoxy Base Coat, broadcast the Quartz Sand, let dry (plan on at least a few hours) and then apply another coat of Shield 50 Epoxy (expect less coverage on this coat per gallon- about 90-100 sq. ft.), and another broadcast of Quartz Sand.  This double broadcast will make the floor look uniform and even, and ensure any small divots or grind marks from prepping the floor get filled so you don't see them. 
      • If doing any vertical surface (steps, foundation wall, footers) do these first before the floor.  Mix small batches of the epoxy, paint/roll on the surface, throw the broadcast onto the wet epoxy, and then clean up any extra broadcast off the floor and save it for re-broadcasting when you do the floor.
    • When dry, clean the floor with broom/shop vac to remove all loose sand, and then apply the Top Coat, UV Shield Epoxy, or SuperGlaze 3600 Polyurethane.