Whale Tail Doorbell Ringer - Nickel Silver

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  • Whale Tail Doorbell Ringer - Nickel Silver

Whale Tail Doorbell Ringer - Nickel Silver

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  • Product Description:

    • The Humpback Whale Tail doorbell ringer.  Michael Healy Doorbell Ringers are a cast decorative accent, with illuminated button behind.  Pushing on the metal accent piece will depress the button behind, which will ring the doorbell inside.  Illumination creates a soft glow around the doorbell ringer for nighttime visibility and curb appeal. 
    • Designed by Michael Healy, an accomplished Rhode Island artisan. 
    • The Brushed Nickel Silver Doorbell Ringer is cast in solid nickel silver. It was hand-crafted using the age old art of foundry casting. During the process molten nickel silver is heated to over 2000ºF then carefully poured into a handmade sand mold. This mold is used only once, giving this Doorbell Ringer its individual character. The Doorbell Ringer is then given a brushed nickel finish and then polished to a chrome shine. Afterwards, it is coated with a clear lacquer to protect its original finish. 
    • Doorbell Ringers are signed by the artist, Michael Healy, confirming its authenticity and quality craftsmanship.

    Product Specifications:

    • Whale Tail Doorbell Ringer Size: 3"H x 3"W X 1.5"D
    • Compatible with all wired doorbells.
    • Mounting hardware included.
    • Illuminated doorbell button that backlights your doorbell ringer.
    • Surface mount installation.