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Concrete Indoor Sealers and Coatings

Solvent and Water-Based sealers and coating for protecting indoor concrete.  Used over natural, colored, or stained concrete floors, basements, garages, warehouses and commercial floors.  Protect the floor from damage and staining, as well as bring out the color (color enhancing) and add a level of gloss.  
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Clear Epoxy 100% Solids, TI Epoxy HP
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Epoxy 3D Metallic Tru Lustre FX Powder Pigment
Precio de venta$37.09

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Decorative Quartz Polymer Sands for Epoxy Floors
Precio de venta$44.09

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Tint Color Pigment For Resin Epoxy, Urethane, and Solvent Acrylics
Precio de venta$36.09

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Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy Filler
Precio de ventaDesde $99.09
Notched 18" QLT Squeegee, 1/8" Notch Size
Precio de venta$39.09
Concrete Sealer & Coating Stripper Remover
Precio de ventaDesde $34.09
Epoxy Metallic 3D Powder Color Pigment Countertops & Floors
Precio de venta$29.09

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