Concrete Powder Release, Scofield Lithochrome Antiquing

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  • Concrete Powder Release, Scofield Antiquing
Concrete Powder Release, Scofield Antiquing Concrete Powder Release, Scofield Lithochrome Antiquing

Concrete Powder Release, Scofield Lithochrome Antiquing

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  • Please Note: A few colors are special order and require a 10 Bag (25lbs ea.) Minimum Order.  If the color in the drop down menu tells you (10 Bag Minimum) please make sure you are ordering at least a quantity of 10.

    Product Detail:

    • Powder Release is used to prevent concrete stamps and tools from sticking to the fresh concrete.
    • Generally used to stamp decorative concrete (Concrete Stamp Mats sold here), and create a different color in the finished concrete in areas where the stamp or tool was pushed into the concrete.
    • LITHOCHROME™ Antiquing Release powder provides a natural, weathered antique appearance that accents the depth of the pattern and adds realistic variation to imprinted or textured concrete.
    • A darker color of release is generally used over a lighter colored concrete for better appearance of relief and depth.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Sold in 5 and 25 Pound Pails to assist in use and storage of the release powder.
    • Average coverage is 600-800 sq. ft. per 25lb bucket (use 3-4 lbs per 100 sq. ft.)
      • Colors with an * usually require more release to be used than the standard colors do, so plan to get less than the average coverage sq. ft.
      • Coverage rates vary with pattern and color.
    • Please Note: There are more colors available, but require 10+ Pail Quantity in order to order.  Please contact us for other colors than the Standard ones shown.
    Application / Use:
    • View LITHOCHROME TDS for application data.
    • Broadcast over the surface by hand (sprinkle or throw) or with a mason's brush.
    • Also brush release onto stamps and tools prior to use.
    • Use with adequate Ventilation. Do not breathe dust.
    • Wear safety goggles, gloves and dust (particulate) respirator.
    • Over-application of release will result in less texture in the pattern.
    • Allow concrete to cure, usually a few days, before washing off the Release Powder with water.
    • About 90% of the release should be removed prior to sealing to ensure a good bond of sealer to the concrete.
    • Remove the release from the highs, BUT NOT THE LOWS of the stamped imprint.

    Color Chart: