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Assorted Expressions

Our Assorted Expressions include unique House Numbers and Signage panels, garden decor such as Rain-Chains and Weathervanes, Algae Scrubber ATS units, and much more.
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2 Backlit Numbers / Letters
Sale price$74.09
3 Backlit Numbers / Letters
Sale price$99.09
4 Backlit Numbers / Letters
Sale price$124.09
5 Backlit Numbers / Letters
Sale price$149.09
Algae Scrubber ATS Plexi Box
Sale priceFrom $146.09
Bullfrog Faucet
Sale price$68.09
Butterfly Faucet
Sale price$68.09
Cardinal Faucet
Sale price$68.09
Chickadee Faucet
Sale price$68.09
Custom Backlit Number / Signage
Sale priceFrom $149.09
Custom Signage Backlit Room Number Panels
Sale priceFrom $129.09
Dragonfly Faucet
Sale price$68.09
Expressions LTD T-Shirt
Sale price$19.09
HouseArt 5" Numbers and Letters
Sale price$28.09
HouseArt 6" bFuller House Numbers
Sale priceFrom $33.09