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GFRC Compaction Rollers

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Compaction Roller:

Compaction Roller

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Product Detail:
  • Compaction Rollers for spreading out and flattening GFRC.
  • Aluminum construction for unbeatable durability and performance.
  • Use to roll over GFRC to compact the mix, and remove any excess air pockets.
  • Using Compaction Rollers will strengthen the GFRC piece, by helping to ensure density.
  • Types of Rollers:
    • Bubble Buster: Best at relieving air pockets, easy to clean.
    • Corner Roller: Use to get into tight areas and corners.
Product Specifications:
  • Roller Sizes:
    • 3/4" Diameter x 3" Wide, Bubble Buster Roller (aluminum).
    • 3/4" Diameter x 6" Wide, Bubble Buster Roller (aluminum).
    • 1" Diameter x 9" Wide, Bubble Buster Roller (aluminum).
    • 1/4" Radius Corner Roller (aluminum).

Customer Reviews

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Kris D
whole experience

Product is good. Shipping experience needs some work. I had some of my order delivered on time but wait 3-4 for rest of order. One piece of order came into Canada with an outragous brokerage fee! Not sure if Expression could do anything with that in the future. Only suggestion ship with USPS.


Very qood quality for the money!