30-Inch Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane - Verdigris Whitehall

30-Inch Full-Bodied Eagle Weathervane - Verdigris

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  • Full Bodied Weathervanes provide a 3D view of the accent piece.
  • Real life appearance, and extreme detail and craftsmanship in each weathervane accent.
  • Weathervanes inspired by nostalgic old-world designs.
  • Each ornament offers unique aesthetic appeal and maximum visibility.
  • Winds of Time: Centuries ago, weathervanes were one of the first instruments to detect changes in the weather by pointing in the direction from which the wind was blowing. The Tower Of Winds in Athens, Greece (48 BC), topped with its Triton weathervane, is among the earliest archaeological examples. Over the years, a variety of ornaments have been created to display various cultural, religious, and patriotic themes.
  • Whitehall Weathervanes: Whitehall Products, the worlds largest manufacturer of weathervanes, offers over 100 different styles. Many styles include a variety of color choices such as traditional black, aged verdigris or rust, polished copper ornaments, gold-bronze ornaments, and even hand-painted ornaments.
  • Whitehalls more than 60 years of weathervane making experience assures you will receive a carefully crafted and meticulously detailed weather instrument that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • From huge, full-bodied Classic Directions to 24" Accent Directions, Whitehall is your complete source for all of your weathervane needs.
  • Rooftop style weathervanes each come with an adjustable aluminum weathervane base.