Bathroom Drain Hole Knockout, Reusable Rubber Plug PNL Liners

Bathroom Drain Hole Knockout, Reusable Rubber Plug

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Bathroom Drain Hole Knockout, Reusable Rubber Plug

  • Re-usable Polyurethane Drain Hole Knockout.
  • Place on a sink mold to create a hole for the drain.
  • Creates a 1-1/2" diameter hole, 1" deep, and then flares out to a 2-3/4" diameter that is 1/4" deep.  
  • Shape of the Drain Plug has a larger diameter hole on underside of the concrete to allow room for mounting brackets of drain hardware.
  • Slightly angled sides to allow for removal from the finished concrete.
  • Made of extremely durable Polyurethane. Good for hundreds of uses.

Bathroom Drain Hole Knockout, Reusable Rubber Plug Specifications:

  • Measurements:
    • 1 1/2" Tall, 1 1/2" Diameter Hole x 2 3/4" Diameter (Mounting Hardware Area)

Bathroom Drain Hole Knockout, Reusable Rubber Plug Use and Care:

  • Secure Knockout in place with a small dab of silicone. Apply Form Release (sold here) to the rubber knockout before pouring the concrete around it to make removal easier later.
  • Removal- Prior to flipping over your cured concrete, loosen the edges of the Knockout with a flat head screw driver. Once the concrete piece is turned over, you should be able to push the Knockout free with your thumb and very little pressure.  In the event a rubber plug is difficult to remove from the concrete, the center of the rubber plug can be drilled out, giving the plug a little more flex so it can be pushed out easier.
  • To Clean- Scrape off any hardened concrete and/or silicone.

Customer Reviews

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Marc Brodeur
Bad bad buy

Not a perfect shape. The round shapes are not round but irregular eliptic. This is mot made for sharp crafters. The two round shape are even not align in center. I had high expectation with ltd but i am very disapointed

Thank you Marc for your review. These drain hole knockouts are less than perfect, but are not designed to be visible, they are simply used to make a hole in the bottom of a concrete sink that already has a flange area built into the mold. So this product, the 1.5' Drain Hole Knockout is just to make a hole in the concrete, and perfection isn't necessary on these plugs. IF you are looking for a knockout plug that makes the recessed area for the actual metal drain piece to sit in, that is a different product and we make them very precise and round- this product can be seen here:
Thank you, Expressions-LTD