Caulk-EZ Caulking Perfect Bead Spray CAULK-EZ

Caulk-EZ Caulking Perfect Bead Spray

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Caulk-EZ Caulking Perfect Bead Spray

  • CAULK-EZ is a specially formulated spray that will help create a perfect bead of caulking.
  • No stains or residue.
  • Use on any caulk or silicone.
  • One 2.5oz can of CAULK-EZ will cover up to 400 feet of caulk/silicone.
  • Non-Flammable. Odorless.

Application Caulk-EZ Caulking Perfect Bead Spray:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Apply thin bead of caulk/silicone.
    • TIP: When you apply the caulking to your form, make sure you have good, even coverage with the caulk before you spray the CAULK-EZ over it.  Once sprayed with CAULK-EZ, the silicone caulk will not want to stick to any area that has been sprayed, so if you have gaps or uneven coverage of caulk before, it will not be a smooth, perfect bead after.
  • Spray a fine mist of CAULK-EZ over the caulk, holding the spray nozzle 4-6 inches from the surface.
  • Smooth caulk into a perfect bead. For best results use a Caulking Tool (sold here).
  • When dry, clean up excess caulk and wipe area down with clean cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works just like the video

I was amazed to try this, worked just like the video- all the extra silicone came right off the form no cleanup!!

Time Saver

This product rocks. I first thought it was going to be an expensive gimmick but it really made cleaning up the silicone a breeze. I am hooked and will be using it for all my countertops. Works especially nice for integrated sink molds.