Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry Expressions LTD
Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry Expressions LTD

Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry

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Cenosphere Size:

Cenosphere Size

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Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry

  • Cenospheres are tiny hollow ceramic spheres. They are the by-product of coal burning power plants.
  • Cement can bond to these spheres, so they are ideal for a slurry mix where normal sand is too large and grainy to fill small voids.
  • Add to cement to create a slurry mix for filling pinholes and air pocket voids in concrete.
  • Cement paste with cenospheres mixed in will greatly reduce the shrinkage of the slurry.
  • Replace up to 20% of sand, by volume, with cenospheres to create stronger and lighter concrete.
  • Cenospheres act as tiny ball bearings, making the cement slurry fill small voids much easier.

Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry Specifications:

  • Available Sizes:
    • Quart Container: 10 oz. by weight.
    • 50 lb. (1.6 cubic feet, Box size: 24"x16"x10")
  • Sphere size: 80 Microns (at 50% passing).
  • Bulk Density (weight): 18 lbs. per cubic foot of spheres.
  • Compressive Strength: 1670 PSI.
  • Color: Light grey/off white.

Cenospheres for Making Your Own Concrete Slurry Application:

  • Mix 10-30% cenospheres to cement, by weight.
  • Example: To create one pound of slurry with a 10% cenosphere mix, combine 1.6 ounces cenospheres to 14.4 ounces of cement.

Customer Reviews

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Daryl Y.
Great product but...

The product was great once we finally applied it, but dang...trying to get hold of the instructions was like trying to get hold of the nuclear launch codes...why dont you just have a print out sent with the product or some simple online way without using a password etc...ridiculous

Hi Daryl, the instructions on the products are just listed on our website- no password needed to view our website here... so not sure where you were looking! There should also be a sticker on the bag of Cenospheres, that has the instruction on it that says: Cenospheres are added by weight, as a percentage of the cement used. 10% up to 30% Cenospheres to cement, by weight.

David T.

These are amazing. I never want to run out.

Accents By CJ, LLC
Cenospheres for Concrete Slurry

this slurry is awsome for filling in small pits in finished cement products. love it.

Cenospheres - are GREAT Value & Product !

These Cenospheres are a real blessing for our various mix designs and finished products. It makes all the difference when putting the final touches to a particular project.

The best thing that we did was order the 20lb. box instead of just quart size. Thank you for offering your Cenospheres at reasonable prices. That's such a -better- deal than any of your competitors out there!

Good Stuff

I don't slurry without it!