Concrete Stamp - Brick Slate Border Stamp

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  • Concrete Stamp - Brick Slate Border Stamp

Concrete Stamp - Brick Slate Border Stamp

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  • Product Detail:
  • Concrete Stamp Pattern: Brick Slate Border Stamp.
  • Stamp is 36" Long, and available in 8" or 12" Width Sizes.
  • Slate Brick sections in the stamp are 1" to 4" in width.
  • Create a very detailed and high quality border to any concrete project.  
  • Concrete Stamps are made of polyurethane composites- Very durable, good for hundreds and hundreds of uses.
  • Use stamps with integral concrete color and colored release agents to create beautiful two dimensional concrete.

  • Product Specifications:
  • Stamp dimensions: 36" x 8" or 36" x 12".
  • Use: After applying powder or liquid release agent to concrete, lay stamp on concrete surface and press into the concrete. Walking on the stamp, or (depending on concrete hardness) an Impact Tool may be needed to help push the stamp into the concrete.
  • Care: Clean stamps after each use with water and a stiff brush. Pressure washing can make cleaning quicker. Keep stamps stored out of direct sunlight to prolong their life.

  • Shipping Information:
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