Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design

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  • Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design
Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design

Concrete Stamp, Custom Logo and Design

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This Product can takes up to 4 weeks to ship out.

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  • PLEASE DO NOT send us artwork files that are screenshots, color images, or low resolution.  We cannot make your stamp from them.  We also cannot work with multiple images with your request (please combine part of one with part of another....).  You will need to create your artwork, in BLACK AND WHITE only, and submit to us exactly how you want it, so we can quickly create your custom stamp!  Please read below for more specifics on this custom product!!
    Thank you, Expressions-LTD

    Product Details:

    • Custom Made Concrete Stamp. We take your Business Name, Logo, or Artwork and create a stamp.
    • Made of strong, durable rubber. Each stamp can be reused for years with proper care.
    • Stamp skins can be inlaid into a mold and concrete poured over. When concrete is cured, carefully peel out the stamp skin. Stamp skins can also be pressed into fresh concrete, and then immediately removed (use a Release Agent). For easier stamping into concrete, you may wish to adhere the stamp skin to a piece of wood to act as a 'stamp'.
    • Brand each piece of concrete work with your signature, logo, etc.

    Custom Work Details:

      • Custom Logo Stamps can be made using simple text, or an art file.
        • For text: Please specify the font, exact size, and text desired, using the notes section above. 
        • For artwork- If submitting an art file with a design or logo, it MUST be a good quality image of at least 300 dpi. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE Black and White ONLY.  NO NOT submit artwork in any color besides BLACKWhen we make the stamp, the 'black' in your logo is left as the stamp, and the 'white' area is what we cut away.  We can re-draw most logos for a $40 fee, if you do not have high resolution, BLACK and white versions.  
          • Artwork must have nice clean lines, in an easy to cut 2-D format. The engraving machine that will cut the logo stamp has to have a clear line to cut out, and what to leave as the stamp. Sending a complex picture as your art file will not work as a 2-D stamp.
          • Submit your logo or art file after you place your order by REPLYING to the Order Email you will receive after placing your order, and attach the file. 
          • If you do NOT have a good image to send us, but have a low resolution, color, or fuzzy picture you need us to use, we will contact you about costs to clean up most art images (usually around $40).
      • Please specify the exact size of your stamp in the Notes area above.
      Product Specifications:
      • Measurements: Made to your size. Specify the stamp size when ordering.
      • Select the stamp size from the drop-down menu above, and order the stamp that your desired size fits within.
      • Lettering/Logo is raised about 1/8".
      • Stamp skin is approximately 3/16" thick in total.
      • Maximum stamp size is 30" x 40".