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Custom Concrete Countertop

Sale price$100.00
Fast Ship: Usually takes 1-2 business days to ship out.
  • Expressions LTD has over a decade of concrete countertop fabrication experience.
  • We build custom designed concrete countertops, and offer a huge selection of edge designs, colors, and integral concrete sinks.
  • We use the latest in technology for sealing the concrete countertop surface. We could use less expensive sealers, and they would look the same- but within a year, lesser sealers break down and quit protecting the concrete. Depending on use (wear and tear) of the concrete, the sealer we apply should last 10-20 years without needing to be re-sealed, and will protect against staining, most scratches, and is FDA approved for food areas.
  • Pricing for custom fabricated concrete countertops is calculated by the square foot area of the countertop. Pricing per square foot can be as much as $120 in many areas. We fabricate the piece, and allow our customers to come pick it up, or arrange for their own installation, and pass huge savings onto the customer.

  • How To Order:
  • Download and print our Custom Concrete Countertop Form Here, and fill it out. Make sure to add the countertop overhang measurement when filling out the form (if the cabinet is 21" Depth, front to back, and you want 2" of the countertop to hang over the cabinet, then the finished countertop measurement should be 23").
  • Change the Quantity above to the total number of square feet the finished concrete countertop will be (rounded to the nearest square foot).
  • Add any features from the drop down menus above (Custom edges, Integral Color, Acid Stain Color, Polished/Ground Finish, Concrete Sink, etc.)
    • View Acid Stain Colors Here.
    • View Detail Edges Here.
  • If ordering an Integral Concrete Sink, or Undermount Sink option, the sink must be added separately to the Shopping Cart. Click Here for the sink option product.
  • Polishing is available for an added fee per square foot. Polishing Level 1 will hone the concrete surface down to expose the sand in the concrete. Polishing Level 2 will further hone the concrete and expose the aggregate/rock in the concrete.
  • Sealer Finish is the sheen level of the sealer we put on the concrete. Flat has no sheen, and looks like natural concrete. Satin has a low semi-gloss appearance. Gloss is a shiny finish.

  • Lead Time
  • Fabrication takes approximately 2-3 weeks from date of final approval until countertop is ready for pickup.
  • Location of our shop: 1655 West Maple Street, Mapleton Utah 84664.