Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY Expressions LTD
Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY Expressions LTD
Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY Expressions LTD

Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY

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4" DRY Pad:50 Grit
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Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY

  • The EXPell Polishing Pads designed with specific diamond powder, bonding agents, and other additives for concrete polishing. The pads also work great on granite, marble, or other stone surfaces.
  • Dry Pads are ideal for on-site touch up applications, where use of water is not practical.
  • Professional grade, premium Dry Polishing Pads (Can also be used wet).
  • Hexagon matrix makes these Premium Dry Polishing Pads more aggressive and flexible.
  • They can achieve exceptional polishing results on concrete, natural stone, engineered stone and quartz surface.
  • Designed for DRY or WET use. Pads designed exclusively for Wet Polishing are also available
  • High diamond concentration.
  • Grits are color coded on the Velcro backing.
  • Velcro Backing Pads sold separately.
  • Looking for a 3-headed planetary polisher to make polishing/sanding very easy to make nice and flat? We don't sell these, but we do use the Hardin Triad Planetary Polisher (sold here on Amazon), and it comes with a vacuum shroud so you can connect to a vacuum for Dry Polishing if needed.  These are a fairly inexpensive entry into a planetary polisher, and does a good job when on a budget!

Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY Specifications:

  • Available Grits: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 1500, 3000- and in packs of:
    • Full Set: All 8 Grits, 50-3000#
    • Concrete Counter Kit: 3 Grits: 50#, 100#, 200#.  Most concrete countertop sealers require a surface honed to finer than 200 grit for proper bonding, so polishing to just 200 grit is normal.
  • Measurements: 4" Diameter.
  • Dry pads can be used wet or dry, although dry use is recommended for dry pads, and wet use for wet pads.
  • Optimal RPM: Dry - 2000 RPM maximum.
    • DO NOT exceed the recommended RPM for the pad- it will burn through the pad at a faster rate!

Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 4" DRY Coverage and Use:

  • Coverage rating for Diamond Pads is basically non-existent. 
  • The reason is because each user will use the pads differently, and each surface will have different hardness ratings, which will effectively change how long the pads will last polishing that surface. 
  • A Polishing Tool (Polishers sold here) should be used, not a grinder.  Polishing with water needs to be done by a tool that is safe to use around water, and most grinders are not water-friendly.  Grinders also usually have very high RPMs, which will chew through a diamond pad.  We carry a variety of polishing tools, both electric and pneumatic.
  • Allow the polisher to do the work.  Forceful excessive pushing down on the polisher and pads will burn through them faster than necessary.
  • Keeping the pad flat while polishing will prolong it's lifespan.  Polishing at any angle will wear the edges of the pad faster than the middle.
  • A general benchmark (keep in mind GENERAL means your results could be drastically different) is that when polishing concrete, to polish deep enough to expose some sand and aggregate in the concrete, a 50 Grit pad would be used first to get 'down' to the desired level.  One 4" Wet 50 grit pad is usually sufficient to get a small sized kitchen (40-50 sq. ft.) polished down to expose sand and gravel aggregate.  Purchasing more of your lowest grit needed is usually a safe way to ensure you get the job done.  Wet pads will usually have at LEAST double the life of a Dry pad. 
  • Once the surface is honed to the proper depth, the rest of the pad grits are used to now polish the surface, removing the scratches left by the 50 grit.  So, a 50 grit, then 100, 200, and so forth.  Each finer grit removes the scratches from the previous coarser grit.
  • When polishing a sink, it is usually harder to get the polishing tool down into the sink and maneuver.  A polisher extension will make this process much easier.  Polisher Extensions sold here.
  • Please keep in mind that what works for one, may not work for another.  Concrete hardness, the hardness of the sands/gravel, etc. will all effect diamond pad life.
  • Granite, Marble, or other stone surfaces will polish differently than concrete, and usually are just 'polished' rather than being honed first to get to the proper level of exposed aggregate.

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