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EAP Kinloch Concrete Sealer

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EAP Size

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Product Detail:
  • A multi-capability stain and acid protection system designed specifically for specialty concrete and engineered cements used for countertops, furniture, bathtubs, and shower stalls.


    EAP is a multi-capability stain and acid protection system designed specifically for Specialty concrete and engineered cements used for countertops, furniture, bathtubs & Shower stalls

    EAP is environmentally/ Food safe and VOC compliant.  EAP It is both deeply penetrating and film forming to protect substrates from acid etching and virtually all types of stains on porous materials, indoors or outdoors.

    EAP is available in Gloss or Matte.

    Unique Features:

    EAP hardens concrete and softer stone surfaces such as marble and travertine, making it tough and suitable for commercial and residential installations.
    It is impervious to most all food and food related items as well as most household chemicals routinely experienced in kitchens and baths.

    EAP can have anti-slip grit added to it, ideal for shower floors and exterior stairways.

    It is a concentrate that can be customized to the application using basic thinning techniques with 519 TBA (sold here).  It is an amazing customizable concentrate delivering numerous finishes in full concentrate or volume ratio dilutions up to 5:1

    It can be slowly rubbed with clean pad applicators and applied to granite and marble polished surfaces by trained installers

    It is the best performing permanent graffiti system for concrete, polished granite, marble facades and monuments

    It has the ability to seal in color pigments and etch and stain proof concrete countertop surfaces and vessels

    Surface Preparation:

    Surface must be honed to at least a 200 grit texture. Surface should be uniformly honed with no shiny areas. Wipe off surface and all sanding residue with 50:50 mix of acetone and water using clean rag ensuring there is no residue on the rag after wiping. EAP failures over the past year are few. Moisture is the number one cause and will cause the EAP to cure improperly and fracture. Ceramic modified MgO cement blends also require a special primer to overcome adhesion issues. Below are easy ways to overcome these potential risks: If using air sprayers always use an in-line filtration system to keep water, dirt and oil out of your shop air lines. Make sure to clean your spray gun before and after every use by spraying acetone through the system. Watch temperature and air moisture depending on your region. Let your concrete dry out at least 5-7 days and at least 24 hours after wet grinding. The use of space heaters near your project if the weather is cold may assist curing but be careful of slab curl and note that no open flame heaters such as propane/ kerosene/ fuel oil/ natural gas powered Salamander type heaters of any kind are allowed, They load the air with contaminates that may cause sealer failure.

    Application suggestions are as follows:

    Option 1) Dilute EAP 1:1 with 519 TBA and roll on one coat taking the time to work the EAP into any pinholes. Apply another coat of EAP if required immediately after the first, wet on wet application or allow the EAP to cure for 24 hours in between then sand to a 150-220 grit and apply the second coat.

    Option 2) Spray or roll on one coat of EAP at 6-8 mil. WFT. This will give a bit more of a build to the coating but will not flow into the pinholes as well. Both options can be sanded and/or polished to adjust the finish to your clients desire. See below for more details.


    EAP is ideally sprayed but may be rolled or brushed by skilled applicators. A Sherwin Williams Contractor series soft woven 3/16 nap roller makes application a breeze. An HVLP sprayer High Volume Low Pressure spray gun is recommended, Tip size varies depending on if or how much you dilute the EAP. Most applicators choose tip sizes between 1.4mm and 1.8mm. Starting from the outside edge of the counter top Make even overlapping passes at a 90 degree angle to the surface. Distance, air pressure and feed rate will be determined by your exact equipment, environment and personal preference. The appearance should be glossy smooth and wet, not "grainy or show any orange peel" Allow EAP to dry a full 72 hours 6. EAP will continue to harden for 7 days prior to stain exposure but is safe for delivery or additional finishing in 24-72 hours, Proceed with caution as cure time depends on the environmental conditions.


    Gloss or Matte: EAP Matte is well received as a natural default look for concrete counter tops and stone surfaces. Gloss is high-sheen but can be honed after it is dry to look like Matte. If you wish to have the ability to create gloss or matte finishes with one product then understanding how to hone is important. If you hone improperly you may sand through the EAP coating and remove the layer entirely.

    There are several ways to finish/ adjust the final look of EAP depending on your personal preference the two described below seem to be the most popular.

    Option 1) Removes all blemishes and surface imperfections rendering a completely level surface.

    Use dual action sander to remove air born dust particles, and achieve desired gloss level. 3M 3/16 and 3/32 throw, 12,000 RPM air sander are recommended. 2. Starting with a 3M 100m (150 grit) proceeding through 60m (220 grit), 30m (350 grit), 15m (600 grit), Trizact A10 (800 grit), and Trizact A5 (1200 grit). This procedure may be altered depending on your ability to apply the product free from any orange peel or other surface imperfections. If a gloss finish is desired you may continue on with Imperial polishing compound buffing with lambs wool buffer if required. 3. One option that works for some applicators is to use the 150 grit described above and then a 3M-7446B Scotchbrite pad followed by a 3M-8447B Scotchbrite pad.

    List of materials needed to complete the above procedure:

    3M 366L MFF PSA TE part # 54411= 100 micron. 3M ID 60-4401-0735-1
    " " # 84161= 60 mic. 3M ID 60-4401-0728-6
    " " # 84158= 30 mic. 3M ID # 60-0200-0719-5
    " " #84156 = 15 mic. 3M ID # 60-0200-0748-4
    3M 268xA Trizact # 49963 = A10 Trizact 3M ID # 60-0700-1055-2
    3M 268xA Trizact # 50031= A5 Trizact 3M ID # 60-0700-0909-1
    3M Imperial Polishing compound and finishing material # 051131-06044


    The pumice is a finely ground volcanic stone that is popular in fine wood finishing. Benjamin Moore paints and some Home Depot stores carry pumice powders. There are Internet retailers too that sell pumice powder in bulk. Be sure to use a FFF grade which is extra fine. Make a paste in a bowl or cup using pumice powder and water until a smooth peanut butter texture is achieved. A drop or two of liquid dish soap improves the lubrication but is not necessary.??Using an electric buffer or air sander attach a 3M nylon Red Pad/180 grit or equivalent nylon abrasive pad. The pads are approximately 3/8" thick and require you to purchase the proper interface pad to attach them to your tool. The pads gently swirl the paste over the surface and dull the gloss. Clean the paste with water and a clean towel when you achieve the desired finish. Place a dollop of pumice paste on the surface and polish with the 3M pads uniformly over the surface. Pressing hard is not necessary let the nylon pad do the work and move it over the surface uniformly. The EAP will hone to a natural look with a few passes. What is occurring is that the pumice powder is acting like a compound with enough grit to dull the polished appearance of the EAP without damaging the coating. Continue to apply dollops across the surface and "rub-out" the finish. As a precaution during transport a coat of bees wax can be applied and polished after delivery to give the fresh new finish the client expects.

    additional hazmat fee applies