GFRC AR Glass Scrim Fabric Mat - Expressions-LTD
GFRC AR Glass Scrim Fabric Mat - Expressions-LTD
GFRC AR Glass Scrim Fabric Mat - Expressions-LTD

GFRC AR Glass Scrim Fabric Mat

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Scrim Amount

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 Product Detail:

  • Alkali resistant glass fibers, woven into a 'net'. Scrims are oriented continuous fiber fabrics. The continuous fiber is usually yarn or roving. The continuous strands are not inter-woven, but are laid over each other at ninety degree orientation and then a binder is applied which holds the fabric structure in place.
  • Highest zirconia content fiber available. Zirconia is what makes the glass fiber alkali resistant. The higher the zirconia content the better the resistance to alkali attack. This AR Scrim also has excellent acid resistance, and in PVC coated.
  • Sold in 5, 10, and 20 linear feet pieces, or by the roll of 360 linear feet and  are @ 45.5" wide.
  • Scrim can be placed in GFRC and wet-cast concrete to greatly increase the flexible strength.
  • Ideal way to reinforce around difficult mold shapes, such as sink molds and forms.

Product Specifications:

  • Glass Fiber Scrim SDS Sheet (Safety Data Sheet)
  • Coverage:
    • 5 linear feet sections are 45.5" wide: 19 sq. ft. total.
    • 10 linear feet sections are 45.5" wide: 38 sq. ft. total.
    • 20 linear feet sections are 45.5" wide: 75.8 sq. ft. total.
    • Full roll is 360 linear feet, 45.5" wide: 2,388.75 sq. ft. total.
  • 10x10 denotes 10mm (3/8 inch) spacing between strands and is the standard size for most GFRC work and concrete countertop reinforcement.
  • When laying into concrete or GFRC, keep Scrim 1/2" away from the finished top of the concrete to avoid ghosting the fabric image.
  • Standard use: Place one sheet of fabric in the middle of the concrete/GFRC, and another sheet as the last step, then lightly roll or trowel the scrim into the cement.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Specification: PVC Coated Glass Alkali Resistant Glass
  • Tensile strength (N/25mm) more than 200

Customer Reviews

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Craig V.
Great product, same for all products from Expressions

The fabric mat is very easy to use

Andrew Wells
Good Mat

This is good scrim same product and price as everyone else.