Glass Fiber Reinforcement- Chopped Fiber Anti-Crak® 6mm

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  • Glass Fiber Reinforcement- Chopped Fiber Anti-Crak® 6mm

Glass Fiber Reinforcement- Chopped Fiber Anti-Crak® 6mm

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  • Product Detail:

    • This is the small fine fiber that is in most expensive pre-bagged concrete countertop mixes.  Can be added to any concrete mix, but excels as a fiber additive for GFRC face coat mixes, Carving Mixes, and any other concrete surface mix where you don't want to see the larger AR Fibers (as these, sold here) 
    • Beware of other 'nano' fibers on the market! Avoid lower quality fiber, under many names such as 'nano fibers' that don't disperse and clump up, or that lack the zirconia needed for true AR fiber strength in concrete!
    • Anti-Crak® HD (High Dispersion) in 6mm (1/4"), made by Owens Corning- leader in fiber reinforcements. 
    • Fibers comes out as small clumps from the bag, but quickly break down to the individual 14µ filaments when mixed in concrete.
    • Anti-CRAK® AR-glass fibers give the mortar a uniformly dispersed network of fibers that will significantly improve the thixotropy and the resistance to plastic shrinkage cracking.

    Product Specifications:

    • Filament lengths: 6mm (1/4")
    • Sold in 1lb, 2lb, 4lb, and 40lb Full Bag quantities
    • View Anti-Crak Data Sheet
    Application / Coverage:
    • Typical Dosage:  0.5 -1.0 lb/cu. yd of concrete.
      • @ 0.5% of the total weight before adding water of the concrete mix.
      • Example: An 80lb concrete mix would add 0.4 lbs of this 6mm fiber.
    • Mixing for a few minutes will usually disperse the fiber.  Stop mixing and test some sections to ensure fiber has dispersed- if clumping of fiber is found, continue mixing a until fully dispersed.
    • Concrete and GFRC mix recipes can be found in our Concrete Recipes section.
    • When mixing in Ready Mixed Concrete (trucks), the Fiber can be added into the truck on the job site, and mixed for 5 minutes to break up the fiber and disperse it before starting the pour.