Non Slip Additive, Sharkgrip Anti Skid

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  • Non Slip Additive, Sharkgrip Anti Skid

Non Slip Additive, Sharkgrip Anti Skid

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  • Product Detail:
    • Shark Grip Non Slip Additive is a micronized polymer used to create a safe, textured surface.
    • Clear, lightweight spheres suspend easily in sealer and coating products.
    • Mix with concrete sealers or floor coverings (epoxy/urethane coatings).
    • May also be broadcast over wet sealers.
    • Will not affect topcoat color.
    • Creates a non slip surface on driveways, garages, steps, patios and pool decks. Especially useful around stairs or wet areas.
    • When mixing in with sealer, constant stirring/mixing is necessary during the application process to keep the grit from settling to the bottom.
    Product Specifications:
    • Measurements: 1 lb. (16 oz.) Container.
    • Coverage: 1 lb. Non Slip Additive added into 5 gallons of sealer will typically cover 750-1000 sq. ft.


    • Combine 16 oz. Shark Grip to 5 gallons of sealer. Stir/mix well.
    • For smaller amounts of sealer, mix approximately 3 ounces of non-slip additive per gallon of sealer.
    • Apply sealer to concrete surface by roller or brush.
    • Continuous stirring/mixing of the sealer is necessary during application to keep the non slip additive from settling.
    • Can also be hand broadcast over the sealer or epoxy immediately after applying (but be careful to broadcast the non slip very lightly and evenly dispersed.  Test a small area to become familiar with the process!