Pol-Ease 2500 Aerosol Release for Silicone Molds - Expressions-LTD
Pol-Ease 2500 Aerosol Release for Silicone Molds - Expressions-LTD

Pol-Ease 2500 Aerosol Release for Silicone Molds

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Polytek Pol-Ease 2500 Aerosol Release
    • An aerosol release agent used when making silicone rubber molds.
    • Also can be used for spraying into other molds where a more easily removed release agent is needed for painting or finishing cast parts.
    • Brushing out the release with a soft brush can improve results- lightly spray the tip of the brush with the release, and then softly 'paint' over the molding surfaces that has just had the release sprayed onto.
    • Avoid over-applying release- too much can cause air pockets and surface defects in the mold.
    • Available in single 12oz aerosol spray cans, or in a case of 12 cans.
    • Download: Polytek Pol-Ease ReleaseTechnical Data Sheet: TDS.
    Application Information
    • Pol-Ease 2500 is a washable release agent, available in aerosol cans and can be used on sealed or non-porous models before applying liquid silicone rubber. In some cases, no release is needed before applying liquid silicone, but for added insurance, Pol-Ease® 2500 Release Agent can be used. This release is useful for preventing liquid silicone rubber from sticking to cured silicone, for example, when pouring a two-piece silicone block mold. Pol-Ease® 2500 Release Agent can be used for casting as well as mold making.
    • To extend mold life, spray and brush Pol-Ease® 2500 Release Agent into a silicone mold when casting materials such as polyurethane plastics, rubbers or epoxies. It may also be sprayed into polyurethane molds before casting polyurethane liquid plastics, but the molds will not last as long as they would if Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent was used in the polyurethane mold. The main reason for using Pol-Ease® 2500 Release Agent in a polyurethane mold would be to cast a part that can be cleaned more easily than a part covered with Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent. Pol-Ease® 2500 does contain a small quantity of silicone, but it washes off much easier than Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent, a desirable trait when parts need finishing/painting.