Concrete and GFRC Acrylic Polymer Curing Aid, DuraPlex

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Concrete and GFRC Acrylic Polymer Curing Aid, DuraPlex

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  • UPDATE 6/30/2021: Duraplex Liquid Polymer is currently out of stock.  Until raw materials become available, we are unable to fill orders.  But don't worry, we have you covered!  We once again are offering Polyplex brand polymer/curing aid!  It is the same as our Duraplex, but just slightly 'thicker' in appearance.  You can order Polyplex again here:  click here to buy Polyplex.

    Hopefully this is a short term issue, and Duraplex will once again be available to order here! -Expressions LTD

    Product Detail:

    • Duraplex is 100% acrylic.  50% solids.
    • Arcylic Polymer is a MUST for any GFRC mix. Without it, GFRC work must cure for 7 days in a climate controlled environment with over 95% humidity!
    • Adding Polymer to GFRC and Concrete mixes speeds up cure time, in some instances to just 24 hours!
    • Add to concrete mixes to reduce shrinkage and increase bonding and strength.
    • Polymer works by 'holding' the water in the cement, not allowing it to surface during curing. This speeds the cure time up drastically, so molds can be taken apart and precast concrete/GFRC taken out of molds after just 24 hours.
    • Provided added workability with the GFRC mix, and increases adherence to vertical mold surfaces.
    • Suitable for use with both white and gray Portland cements.
    • Contains a defoamer which prevents the polymer from foaming during mixing, which would trap excess air in the GFRC mix.
    • Does not yellow when weathered, so will not discolor GFRC finishes, as some acrylic polymers can do.
    Product Specifications:
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are used to working with other brands of polymer, you may notice this polymer DuraPlex, appears thinner (more watery) which is on purpose when we designed the product.  Some polymers add a 'thickener' agent to make them appear thicker, but it serves no useful function and is arguably a bad idea in concrete as it requires more water to offset it...  There is no addition of a thickener in DuraPlex, which is why is will appear this way.  The polymer structure and content in our Duraplex is the same and performs the same or better than other polymers.  When using DuraPlex, you may need to use slightly less water in the GFRC/concrete mix recipe since there is no thickening agent present.
    • Type of Polymer: Acrylic Based.
    • 1 Gallon Polymer weighs approx. 9 lbs. (usually added to concrete mixes based on weight, not volume)
    • Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums.
      • 55 Gallon Drums (470 lbs. each) ship via Freight.
      • 55 Gallon sizes DO NOT include free shipping.   We will obtain a freight quote at the time of the order and contact you with freight costs.
    • View Polymer Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
    • This is a potentially FREEZABLE PRODUCT (though rarely happens)!  In any case, if the polymer freezes HARD during shipment it can be damaged and become unusable.  If it gets a light freeze, once it fully thaws and is mixed up, it should be uniform in consistency.  If it appears to stay chunky or separated, do not use.  To prevent any chance of freeze damage...  2-Day or Next Day Air shipping should be selected on this product when checking out during winter.
    Mix Formulation:
    • Please see our Concrete Recipe section for some typical Concrete and GFRC recipes.
    • Recommended polymer content is 5% polymer solids to the weight of dry cement. This Polymer is 50% solids, so 94 lbs. of cement would need 10 lbs of Polymer. This formula of 5% is for both GFRC, or for concrete mixes.
    • Polymer can also be added into Cement Slurry paste mixes. Create mix water by combining 5 parts water with 1 part polymer, and use this water mix instead of just straight water when mixing the slurry. (Slurry is usually used to fill voids and pinholes in the concrete surface, prior to sealing the concrete).
    • NOTE: When adding Polymer to concrete or GFRC mixes, the temperature of the mix should remain around 60°F -65°F . Adding ice to the water in the mix will help keep the mixture cool. Use of a thermometer will help control the temperature.