Poolform Form Liner - 3" Woodgrain Edge

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  • Poolform Form Liner - 3" Woodgrain Edge
Poolform Form Liner - 3 Poolform Form Liner - 3

Poolform Form Liner - 3" Woodgrain Edge

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  • Description:
    • Poolform Form Liner - Woodgrain Edge, creates a nice wood grain surface to the concrete.
    • A Flexible rubber insert that will lock into the Z Poolforms.
    • Re-usable.  Made in the USA
    • These liners can also be used with concrete countertops, steps, fireplaces, etc.


    • Size: 8' long each, 3" height.  Approx. 1/2" thick.
    • Sold by Single Liner or in 4-packs and 8-packs.
    • Each liner has a special groove on the top-back side that allows it to be locked into place in the Z Poolform.
    • Liners can be cut with a sharp razor blade, or chop saw.
    • Gaps between liners can be filled (if desired) with silicone caulking and smoothed to hide the seam, or just plan to saw-cut an expansion joint in the concrete on each spot where the liners meet.

    How To Use:

    • View basic Z Poolform Installation Instructions
    • Poolform Liners are placed in the Z Poolform forms and snap into place (watch video below to see this done). 
    • Apply a Z Form Release, or other rubber-safe form release (NO diesel!) just prior to placing the concrete.
    • Watch video below for full Poolform application process: