Rain Chain Acorn Copper Cups RainChains
Rain Chain Acorn Copper Cups RainChains
Rain Chain Acorn Copper Cups RainChains

Rain Chain Acorn Copper Cups

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Rainchain Length:

Rainchain Length


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Product Detail:
  • Garden Theme design! Acorns Rain Chain, from the mighty oak tree, formed into a functional rain chain in pure copper. Connecting wires have threaded nuts at the ends; simple assembly with just a pair of pliers.
  • Each Rain Chain comes with a gutter attachment piece (V shaped piece of metal). We recommend purchasing the optional Gutter Installation Kit with every Rain Chain.  Make sure to al look at the available Accessories (sold here) to accompany your new RainChain!
Product Specifications:
  • Cup Width: 4 1/8".
  • Cup Height: 4".
  • Bottom Opening: 1"
  • Cups on an average 8.5 foot length Rain Chain: 16.
    • Installation is usually straight forward and simple. Rain chains hang from the hole where the downspout was, using the gutter attachment piece provided. When there is a mismatch because the hole is larger than the chain, a separate Gutter Installation Kit is used to reduce the hole and focus water downward onto (or into) the chain. The Installation Kit also provides an outlet tube, preventing water from creeping along the underside of the gutter and dripping off.

      Customer Reviews

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      Bruce H.
      Acorn Copper Rain Chain

      Works great, really no spillage even in heavy rains. Fastened an old brake rotor to the bottom and there's no problem during heavy winds coming in off the lake. Very attractive.