Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block

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  • Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block
Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block

Best 'Invisible' Concrete Sealer Water-Based Silicone - Tru-Block

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  • The Best Outdoor INVISIBLE Concrete Sealer

    The Tru-Block professional grade sealer is the best for protecting concrete, but not changing the look.  Seal your driveway, sidewalk, warehouse, fountain, etc. and not make the concrete look sealed, but protect it from damage, stains, freezing.

    Product Description

    Tru-Block is a one-of-a-kind water repellent and sealer that’s designed to provide the most natural surface possible. Its unprecedented, water-based silicone formula will provide the ultimate results in long-term weather protection without the undesired gloss that comes with traditional film-forming sealers. Open, apply, and you are done. Tru-Block is also re-coatable, making this an ultra-convenient concrete sealer. This is effective on many porous surfaces but is truly designed for the decorative vertical surface, as it leaves a perfectly natural finish.

    • Ultra-low VOC, water-based product
    • Water cleanup
    • Easy application
    • Excellent surface protection from common spills
    • Will NOT make treated concrete surface slippery!
    • Re-coatable
    • Great for concrete sidewalks, steps, driveways, patios, and even pavers and concrete/synthetic stone-rock (side of your house type)


    • Coverage: (@ 250-350 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat)

      • *Coverage rates vary depending upon surface porosity and texture, and application thickness
    • View Data Sheet (Instructions)


    SURFACE PREPARATION: All furniture, walls, or other items/areas you do not want sealed should be masked off properly using proper tape and plastic. Surfaces to be sealed should be free of dust, residue, and contamination. Surfaces should be dry. For a polished surface such as a floor or countertop, profile should not be any no more than the 400 grit stage. Surfaces that have been previously densified are still suitable for application of Tru Block.

    PRODUCT APPLICATION: Always to a test spot in a inconspicuous area to verify results. Always wear gloves when applying any product you are not familiar with. For spraying, put Tru Block into a sprayer that has a good conical tip for fine spray. With adequate pressure begin spraying sealer onto surface holding the wand 12-24 inches from the surface being careful to overlap areas lightly. Avoid puddles whenever possible. For Vertical surfaces, 2-3 light mist coats are preferred, 15 min to 1 hour in between. Spray to the point just before dripping occurs. Tru Block can also be applied by hand using a microfiber style applicator microfiber mop. This is typical application for small areas and concrete counters. For hand application begin by pouring a small amount onto the surface to be sealed and rub the sealer in using a light circular motion until even applied. Continue this procedure until the surface is completely covered. Surface will dry to a invisible coat. Once dry, a second application may be applied following the same procedure. Avoid further application once that occurs. A second coat can be applied once the initial coat appears dry typically 15-30 minutes. It is generally accepted that two applications are suitable for most surfaces. Vertical concrete surfaces exhibit higher porosity than other surfaces thus almost always require a secondary application to ensure adequate protection. If after curing, you find areas that seem to let water through, you may reapply Tru Block and it may be helpful to work the product in the the surface with a soft bristle brush to ensure adequate penetration.

    CURING: Once complete allow to cure for a full 24 hours before heavy traffic and/or general use of surface resumes. Good Water resistance occurs immediately but requires a full 24 hrs for final cure.