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Vertical and Carving Concrete - Complete Contractors Kit

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Tru Impressions Contractor's Kit from is your complete tool kit for vertical concrete artistry success. Packaged with a rugged rolling bag, it contains all the tools you need for your many carving and vertical texture endeavors.

Save more than $120 over buying products individually, plus the free bag!


  • The Original Wedge Set
  • 10 Tru Tex Roller Sleeves: light, med, and heavy stone; flagstone; slate; coral; wood grain; shale; bark; short bark
  • 8 Tru Tex Trowels: light, med, and heavy stone; chisel slate; split stone; striped slate; weather stone; shale
  • 10 Tru Tex Vertical Skins: light, med, heavy, and extreme stone; chisel slate; limestone; striped slate; pitted granite; weather stone; shale
  • Set of 12 "three-way" jointers
  • Three Weatherwood Vertical Skins, plus the matching end grain skin.
  • Three part knot kit
  • Margin trowel
  • 10"  flexible steel pool trowel
  • 1/4" ultra-flexible trowel for fine touch-up
  • 75 lbs
  • (Picture may not represent full kit)