Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

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  • Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

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  • Product Description:
    • Xylexin is for "Professional use only". Xylexin is a super durable, very hard surface, solvent based sealer.  Proper mixing and application procedures must be followed. We DO NOT recommend anyone ordering Xylexin unless you are a professional with experience with the product, or willing to practice applying it and figure out how to do so correctly. Anyone unfamiliar with using Xylexin, we recommend using one of our other Concrete Countertop Sealers (view them here).
    • Xylexin requires a 5-7 day cure time for light use, a 30 day cure is necessary for some stain resistance and an additional 30 to 60 days for a full cure and complete stain resistance.
    • Xylexin is backed with several US Patents.
    • This is a Two part, solvent-based coating. (Combine 4 parts A with 1 part B- 4:1 ratio).
    • Available in Matte or Gloss. DeFoamer sold in 1/2 Pint.
      • Gloss XL-90 is suitable only for spraying. If you need to roll the gloss, order the half-pint of Flow Control DeFoamer.
      • Satin XL-30 can be applied by brush, roller, sprayer, or coating system.
      • Matte XL-5 can be applied by brush, roller, sprayer, or coating system.
        • When using the Matte product, the Gloss must be used first as a primer, and the Matte used over it 24 hours later.
      • DeFoamer: Flow Control Defoamer can be used with the Matte finish as well the Gloss, and will help ensure smooth application by roller.
        • 1/2 pint of Flow Control Defoamer treats 1 Gallon of the Xylexin (use 1/8 pint of Defoamer to treat one quart of Xylexin).
        • Mix part A and part B of the Xylexin coating before mixing in the Flow Control Defoamer.


      • Coating designed to last 20+ years without needing to be re-coated.
      • Will not lose color or gloss.
      • Resists Graffiti. Resists all chemicals. Weather resistant. UV Protection. Non Yellowing. Class A Fire Rating. Superior Adhesion. Usable in High Traffic Areas. Waterproof. USDA Approved.
      • Will not 'lift' or peel off (delaminate) from when applied properly.
      • No need to worry about lemon juice, oil, or other stains penetrating through into the concrete.
      • Xylexin resists all bacteria and mold growth.
      • Product Versatility- not just for concrete. Great for any architectural surface requiring coating.
        • Excellent coating for tile, grout, wood (decks, tables, etc.) and more. Test before large scale use!
      • Enhanced Elasticity- Extremely hard, but also flexible to allow compatibility with products that have moderate expansion and contraction.
      Product Specifications:
      • Coverage: One gallon will cover 300-400 square feet, at 1 mil. thickness.
      • Recommended thickness is 1-3 mil.
      • Cleanup with Lacquer Thinner. Thin with Xylene.

      Application and MSDS:

      Shipping Information:
      • Ships as Hazmat, via UPS/Fed Ex