Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

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  • Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

Xylexin Concrete Countertop Sealer Coating

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  • Product Description:
    • Xylexin is for "Professional use only". Proper mixing and application procedures must be followed. We DO NOT recommend anyone ordering Xylexin unless you are a professional with experience with the product. Anyone unfamiliar with using Xylexin, we recommend using one of our other Concrete Countertop Sealers (view them here).
    • Xylexin requires a 5-7 day cure time for light use, a 30 day cure is necessary for some stain resistance and an additional 30 to 60 days for a full cure and complete stain resistance.
    • Xylexin is backed with several US Patents.
    • This is a Two part, solvent-based coating. (Combine 4 parts A with 1 part B- 4:1 ratio).
    • Available in Matte or Gloss. DeFoamer sold in 1/2 Pint.
      • Gloss XL-90 is suitable only for spraying. If you need to roll the gloss, order the half-pint of Flow Control DeFoamer.
      • Satin XL-30 can be applied by brush, roller, sprayer, or coating system.
      • Matte XL-5 can be applied by brush, roller, sprayer, or coating system.
        • When using the Matte product, the Gloss must be used first as a primer, and the Matte used over it 24 hours later.
      • DeFoamer: Flow Control Defoamer can be used with the Matte finish as well the Gloss, and will help ensure smooth application by roller.
        • 1/2 pint of Flow Control Defoamer treats 1 Gallon of the Xylexin (use 1/8 pint of Defoamer to treat one quart of Xylexin).
        • Mix part A and part B of the Xylexin coating before mixing in the Flow Control Defoamer.


      • Coating designed to last 20+ years without needing to be re-coated.
      • Will not lose color or gloss.
      • Resists Graffiti. Resists all chemicals. Weather resistant. UV Protection. Non Yellowing. Class A Fire Rating. Superior Adhesion. Usable in High Traffic Areas. Waterproof. USDA Approved.
      • Will not 'lift' or peel off (delaminate) from when applied properly.
      • No need to worry about lemon juice, oil, or other stains penetrating through into the concrete.
      • Xylexin resists all bacteria and mold growth.
      • Product Versatility- not just for concrete. Great for any architectural surface requiring coating.
        • Excellent coating for tile, grout, wood (decks, tables, etc.) and more. Test before large scale use!
      • Enhanced Elasticity- Extremely hard, but also flexible to allow compatibility with products that have moderate expansion and contraction.
      Product Specifications:
      • Coverage: One quart will cover 75-100 square feet, at 1 mil. thickness.
      • Coverage: One gallon will cover 300-400 square feet, at 1 mil. thickness.
      • Recommended thickness is 1-3 mil.
      • Cleanup with Lacquer Thinner. Thin with Xylene.

      Application and MSDS:

      Shipping Information:
      • Ships as Hazmat, via UPS/Fed Ex