White Concrete Countertop Mix

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  • White Concrete Countertop Mix
White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix White Concrete Countertop Mix

White Concrete Countertop Mix

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    Z Counterform Countertop Mix is a pre-blended, all in one, high strength white concrete designed for casting concrete countertops. Z Counterform Countertop Mix has the very best blend of fine aggregates, Portland cement, and proprietary admixtures to insure no curling or shrinking. The use of a specialized acrylic fiber network and the high flexural strength greatly limits the chance of cracking. This highly flowable, near self-leveling mix makes Z Counterform Countertop Mix the perfect choice for both your precast and cast-in-place designs and can be cast as thin as 7/8" for countertop applications.

    Add White Titanium Oxide packs (sold here) to make this mix even whiter!

    When finishing white concrete, steel trowels can streak and discolor the white concrete.  To avoid this, use a Stainless Steel finishing trowel (such as this 18" x 4" versions sold here)

    Want a good 3-headed Planetary polisher? Best way to smooth out the concrete when doing cast-in-place countertops.  While we don't currently sell any of these polishers, we have used with great success this Triad Polisher from Amazon for around $600 (click here).  Use wet or dry- we usually use dry with 3 of our 4" Dry Polishing Pads in the 200 grit to just even out the countertop surface as well as lightly profile it so the sealer can get a great bond.



    • Non intrusive reactive fiber system for improved tensile strength.
    • Impressive 9700 psi @ 28 days
      • Initial Set: 2 hrs.
      • Final Set: 5 hrs
      • 4200 psi at 24 hrs.  8300 psi at 7 days.  9700 psi at 28 days.
    • White mix and aggregates
    • Quick cure time allows for grinding and polishing 24 hrs later.
    • Works with all stains, integral colors and hardeners.
    • Mixes, pours and fills with almost no effort. Highly flowable so it will pour easily through our FG50 Reinforcement Mesh and leave limited "honeycomb" in edges.
    • Sold in 50 lb. bags.  Pallet quantities will ship by Freight, with the actual freight cost charges paid separately (we will email you an invoice for payment of freight charges)
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    • For finishing tips, the following video showing the finishing techniques used for the Liqui-Crete mix will work the same for this White Concrete Countertop Mix: