Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes Cresset
Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes Cresset
Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes Cresset

Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes

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Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes

  • Sold in cases of 12 Aerosol Cans, single Gallon Jugs, and cases of 4 Gallon Jugs.
  • If you want just a single can, Single Cans 20-VOC Sold Here.
  • Eco-Responsible version of the standard 880 release!
  • Odorless! 20-VOC-XTRA is Water-based.  The disadvantage is that it can freeze. 
  • Not recommended to ship during cold weather, due to freezing risk (and this product in Aerosol Can cannot ship via any AIR (no UPS Next Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day Select allowed, so please don't select at checkout).
    • Gallon size is NOT aerosol (pressurized) and so gallon jugs sizes CAN be shipped Next Day Air if needed to prevent freeze risk (available when you check out)
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable release agent meets rigid OSHA, EPA and the lowest VOC rules. 
  • Permits easy, stain-free removal of forms or formliners from hardened concrete without bugholes.
  • Crete Lease 20-VOC-XTRA is an Aeresol Release for Fiberglass Molds, Form Liners, and is also safe for more delicate forms like latex molds.

Release Guide:

Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes

  • Cuts form clean-up time up to 70% when properly applied
  • Doesn't interfere with adhesion of caulk, architectural coatings, paint, sealers and curing compounds on cured concrete surfaces when properly applied
  • Sprays upside down, or rightside up.
  • Can be applied in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures
  • Reduces incidences of skin rashes
  • Promotes longer form life for wood based forms, by acting as a water repellent from inside the wood
  • Produces high visual impact (CCS 1) concrete surfaces
  • Does not stain or stick from steam curing
    • Limitations: A) Not recommended for forms or form liners made from expanded polystyrene. B) Although subfreezing temperatures have no effect on the releasing action of Crete-Lease 880, temperatures below freezing promote thicker film thicknesses which causes more bugholes.
  • Applicable Standards: Exceeds California's SCAQMD rule 1113-90 (160 g/L). "Cresset Concrete Standards", a photographic appearance guide. Corps of Engineers, "Civil Works Construction Guide Specifications," CW-03101, Section 5.3 and Section 8. Corps of Engineers, "Guide Specification Military Construction," CEGS-03300, Section 10.8.

Technical Data Concrete Release Agent CRETE-LEASE® 20-VOC-XTRA - Bulk Sizes:

  • 20-VOC-XTRA Data Sheet
  • Coverage: 1500 sq. ft. per can (Aerosol- Please note that Aerosols cannot ship via UPS Air (Next Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day Select)
  • Coverage (hard/smooth surface): 1,000 sq. ft. per gal
  • Coverage (pre-oiled plywood): 900 sq. ft. per gal
  • Coverage (untreated plywood): 700 sq. ft. per gal
  • Type: Opacity: Clear
  • Freeze Damage: Yes.
  • Flash Point: Not applicable
  • Viscosity (centipoises): Not applicable
  • Solids: None
  • Density: 7.37 lbs/gal
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): 160 g/l
  • Composition: A proprietary blend.
  • Keeps up to 8 months-to-one year (when sealed) at temps from 40◦ F to 100◦ F ▪ 

Form Material Compatibility:

  • Plywood: All Grades, Pre-oiled, Overlaid (LDO, MDO, HDO). Fiberglass, ABS, PVC, Epoxy, Urethane, Silicone, Steel, Aluminum, Wood.


  • Apply minutes, hours, or days before placing concrete.
  • Form surfaces must be clean, and dry.
  • For best results, apply an ultra-thin film.
  • Spray or wipe the release on. If runs or puddles occur, wipe them off.

Application Tips (from the manufacturer, Cresset):

Our research shows that many concrete production teams can benefit from a better understanding how release agents work and the differences in the types of form release agents and form treatments on the market.  Knowing which product to use and how to apply it can produce better looking concrete and reduce production costs.  

Here are some time-tested, money-saving tips everyone can use to achieve attractive concrete surfaces! 
  1. Use less release agent on your forms

All form release agents are not created equal. With a “chemically-reactive” form release agent, you need less than half the amount of product than with standard barrier-type form oils. Every form release agent Cresset makes is chemically-reactive which creates separation between the form and the wet concrete at the molecular level. This results in better looking concrete surfaces, fewer imperfections and cleaner forms. You will save money by using less product per application, reduce the wear and tear on your forms and minimize clean-up time! 

  1. Train the people who are applying form release on your forms

Most untrained first-timers spray form release on concrete forms like they’re watering the garden because they think that more is better. In reality, using too much release agent and inconsistent coverage wastes money and can actually create unwanted bugholes! Showing Cresset’s free eight minute training video to your production team will save you money. 

  1. Don’t settle for release agents made from used oil

Read the ingredient label… Many form release agents on the market use so-called “reformulated” or “remanufactured” oils as a main ingredient. That’s a fancy way of saying that they’re selling you previously used oil to put on your forms. It may cost a bit less but you can end up with stains on your fresh concrete and inconsistent separation from the form. At Cresset, we use 100% virgin ingredients in every form release agent we sell assuring that you’ll avoid problems and get consistent results every time. 

  1. Protect your concrete equipment with Spatter-Cote®

Cresset’s Spatter-Cote line works just like a cooking spray on your frying pan. If you don’t want your eggs to stick, you spray the pan first. It’s the same concept with Spatter-Cote. Spray your screeds, pump trucks, paving equipment, mixers and concrete tools with this eco-friendly treatment before the job and just hose off the dried concrete afterwards. Concrete professionals and equipment rental companies around the world are saving time & money with Spatter-Cote. 

  1. Know your federal, state and local VOC regulations

Environmental regulations are getting stricter all the time. Nineteen states and many cities, regions and all of Canada now have limits for construction chemicals far tougher than the EPA standards and diesel fuel can’t be legally used anywhere as a release agent. Don’t take chances with costly fines by using the wrong form release agent. If you’re not sure, check with your state environmental agency or ask your Cresset representative.

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