Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive Z-Form
Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive Z-Form
Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive Z-Form
Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive Z-Form

Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive

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Admix Pack


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Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive

  • Z Liqui-Crete contains a proprietary blend of specially formulated additives and ultra fine acrylic fibers that will transform a 60 lb. bag of Concrete Sand Mix into a high strength flowable concrete mix that easily flows into forms and cavities.
    • This pack of additive should be added to a concrete sand mix (Quikrete Sand/ToppingSakrete Sand Mix).  You can also create your own sand mix using 45lbs of sand, 15 lbs of cement, and 1 box of the additive pack.
  • Z Liqui-Crete is recommended to use with fiberglass reinforcement grids such as the 1" x 1" FG50 Fiberglass Mesh Grid.
  • The Z Liqui-Crete mix is easily troweled smooth and yields a high strength fiber reinforced countertop.
  • The Admix will also make finishing the concrete easier, reduce set times, and significantly higher strength.
  • It is common to take a normal 60lb bag of concrete that has a strength rating 3,000-3,500 psi, and get 7,500-8,000 psi just from adding this Admix to it.
  • Yield: One 8lb Admix package mixed with one 60lb bag of concrete will yield approx. 3.9 square feet at 1.5" thickness. Six boxes of Admix mixed with six 60lb concrete sand-mix bags will yield 23.4 sq. ft. at 1.5" thickness.
  • Sold as a single pack, or in a 6-Pack.
  • DOWNLOAD: Mixing & Finishing Guide
  • DOWNLOAD: Liqui-Crete Admix TDS

Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive VS Counter Pack

  • The difference between the two is the consistency of the mix. The Liqui-Crete is designed to use slightly more water, giving you a more flowable mix that will flow throughout the fiberglass mesh reinforcement. If you are using a more traditional reinforcement such as welded wire mesh, you will be better off with Counter-Pack. Both will achieve about 7000-7500psi @ 28 days.
  • Chopped Fibers can also be added to give additional strength and crack resistance.
  • Voids and pinholes in the finished concrete surface can be filled with a Slurry Mix.

Customer Reviews

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Better than concrete

finishing this stuff was way easier than normal concrete we usually do countertops with

Ryan Cutinhou
Legit product. Great consistency.

First off, I ordered Z Liqui-Crete through this site and didn't have regrets. The preparation was quick and easy as long as you have all the tools ready. I troweled for at least 10 minutes, that's all it take and it glide on smoothly during the application. It didn't require much water and set on very quickly. Please see link to the products below:

Sakrete Sand Mix
Concrete Resurfacing/a>
Z Liqui-Crete Mix