Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax Collinite

Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax

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Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax

  • Mold release wax for rubber and fiberglass sink molds.
  • Also very useful in waxing forms of all types before caulking them; greatly reducing time spent cleaning off silicone excess when forming a concrete countertop mold.
  • A highly versatile, durable paste-type mold release.
  • No hard rubbing or machine buffing is necessary.

Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax Specifications:

  • Sold in 12 oz. containers.
  • Coverage: A lot! (a rough estimate is at least 20-30 castings of an average sized sink mold)

Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax Application:

  • Apply wax to a clean mold surface using a soft cloth, covering a small section at a time.
  • Before wax dries, hand buff until a clear high gloss finish appears.
  • For new molds, or rough mold surfaces, apply three coats.
  • Tip: Apply a thin coating of Liquid Release to the waxed mold before casting the concrete piece to achieve a smoother finish, less bug-holes, and easier demolding (mold removal).
  • Rewax and buff molds after/prior to each use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert Pierce
Worked great

Highly recommend this product.

Myles Mcdougal
Concrete countertops

Helps get the sink out

Emanuel Matos
Not sure on this one

I wish this was bundled with the release spray product. I seems like you need both of them. :-(

Right stuff

Haven't used it yet, but it appears to be the right stuff.

Jorge Diaz
I was impressed

This company provided a top notch product. What impressed me was that it was shipped out immediately to me and I was updated as this process took place. I don't have much luck with internet orders these days as products offered turn out to be something other than what is advertised and shipping is always a hassle. Expressions-LTD will always have my business and I will recommend them to others as well.