Lexan Float Trowel for White Concrete Z-Form

Lexan Float Trowel for White Concrete

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Lexan Float Trowel for White Concrete

We currently are selling the lexan float on Amazon.   Please use this link to order these floats: https://amzn.to/3wG0zW8

  • This concrete hand float is made from Lexan polycarbonate. This reduces the weight and prevents the metallic surface from a traditional magnesium or aluminum float from transferring color to the concrete. For this reason, this is the only float that should be used if pouring our White Countertop Mix.

  • Once your top is flat from screeding (28" Screed sold here), use the Lexan Float to flatten and smooth the top while opening the pores of the fresh concrete, allowing bleed water to evaporate and air to escape. Once the concrete is firm enough and all bleed water has evaporated, use our Chrome Finishing Trowel to prevent any burn or discoloration when using White Concrete.

  • Size: 11" x 3.5"