Concrete Border Roller - Rock N Roller - 8" Tile Slate

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  • rock-n-roller-concrete-stamp-border-roller-8-tile-slate
rock-n-roller-concrete-stamp-border-roller-8-tile-slate rock-n-roller-concrete-stamp-border-roller-8-tile-slate

Concrete Border Roller - Rock N Roller - 8" Tile Slate

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  • Product Details:
    • Rock N Roller™ Border Roller - 8" Tile Slate
    • Five times faster than traditional stamping methods. If you pay laborers to stamp concrete, you will pay this roller off with just a few jobs using it.
    • Includes Roller and Frame (Frame has a 1-3/4" push-button adapter to connect to concrete poles)
    • No special setup for borders
    • Rollers are faster- You start stamping as soon as the bleed water has evaporated- no need to wait for concrete to be hard enough to support walking on it.
    • Made in the USA

    To Use:

    • The Roller connects to standard concrete extension poles.
    • Once bleed water is gone, use Liquid Release or Powder Antiquing Release on the concrete and the roller, and begin rolling.
    • Use Touch Up Wheels to finish off around edges and fine tune.
      • Watch the videos below for more information, but if you don't need a roller don't watch (because you'll be compelled to buy one once you see what they do)

      Product Videos: