SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4" Epoxy Floor Flake Chips

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  • SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4" Epoxy Floor Flake Chips
SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4 SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4 SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4

SureCrete DK Flakes - 1/4" Epoxy Floor Flake Chips

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    Surecrete DK Flakes:

    • Acrylic 1/4" Flakes, available in 12 color blends and a special order custom blend option (contact us with color request).
    • Spread over wet epoxy floor coating.
    • Sold in 25lb boxes.
    • Coverage: 125 – 175 square foot (Varies widely based on application techniques and how you apply coats products)

    Epoxy Floor Flake Chips for Garage Floor Coatings DK-Flake by SureCrete

    Epoxy Floor Flake Chips for Garage Floor Coatings by SureCrete

    Epoxy Floor Flake Chips for Garage Floor Coatings by SureCrete

    Dura-Kote epoxy floor flake chips system creates a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface from plain gray concrete. Although the system is simple both in composition and installation, it yields an exceptionally durable and long lasting floor. This epoxy flake floor system is composed of a binder, one of the Dura-Kote Epoxies and Dura-Kote Flakes, randomly shaped polymer chips, available in 12 color options. The polymer chips provide not only the pleasing palette of color but also add a measure of slip resistance to the surface. Dura-Kote Epoxy provides the structure and strength of the system. Due to these properties, the Dura-Kote Flakes epoxy flake floor system is used for garage floors, commercial kitchens, locker rooms, sports venues, automotive showrooms, veterinarian clinics, laundromats, or anywhere that an exceedingly resilient floor is required.

    Dura-Kote Epoxy epoxy flake floor, also known as decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or flick are formulated paint aggregates for use in right combination with SureCrete’s garage floor epoxy with flake chip shaving systems are used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based flake chip floor coatings. This incredibly unique product is random in shape, but sized within a standardized range and pre-blended into a broad and rich variety of colors and palettes.

    Epoxy Flake systems continue to gain immense popularity among architects, designers, contractors and consumers, due to their unique properties that deliver complete customization to commercial, residential garage coating, retail and industrial floors with an endless array of color styles, textures, sizes and blending options. The relative ease with which Epoxy Flake coatings are applied allows for this system to be implemented, not just by seasoned professional decorative contractors, but also homeowners and DIY weekend warriors.

    Surfaces and locations that can be improved using Dura-Kote Epoxy Floor Flake Chips:

    • Pool Decks and Patios
    • Retail Flooring
    • Concrete Garage Floors
    • Commercial Flooring Applications
    • Workshop Areas
    • garage floor paint with flakes
    • Three-Dimensional Designs
    • Epoxy Coating EnhancersMulti-Colored Flooring
    • Showroom Floors
    • Concrete Floors
    • Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

    How Do You Apply SureCrete Dura-Kote Garage Floor System with Epoxy Floor Flake Chips

    Just follow these simple instructions to put a new Epoxy Flake System down:

    1. Any surface that is about to be sealed needs to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched. Moisture should also be limited as all Dura-Kote Flakes systems utilize non-vapor-permeable sealers.
    2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity below 75% and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 12 hour period following application.
    3. Based on the color chips and design selected from the Epoxy Flakes Color Chart, apply the pigmented binder coating of your choice, either Pigmented Epoxy 100, Pigmented epoxy WB or Pigmented PFC-180 (see specific products for more detailed instructions of application).
    4. Roll out your binder garage floor epoxy just like you would floor paint, while still wet, broadcast the Dura-Kote Epoxy Flakes onto the surface at your desired delivery rate and design pattern.
    5. Allow the floor to dry and cure sufficiently, usually 8-10 hours, depending on temperature.
    6. Scrape floor vigorously to remove excess Dura-Kote Flakes, then use a push broom to clean up and residual flakes on the surface.
    7. At this point, a finish coat may be applied. We suggest the use of a Polyurethane or Polyaspartic.
    8. 16-30 hours after second coat is applied, the surface is ready for light use, and is cured after 5-14 days depending on environmental conditions.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dura-Kote Epoxy Flake Floor Chips

    Question: Which sealers can I use in conjunction with Garage Paint Epoxy Flake Floor?

    Answer: It can be applied using either Pigmented PFC-180, Colored Epoxy 100 and Pigmented Epoxy Water Based.

    Question: Do I have to use the specified base coat paint epoxy color on the Epoxy Flake Floor Color Chart?

    Answer: Not necessarily, but in order to get the same finished floor shown, that’s the color you’ll need to use.

    Question: Do I have to saturate the garage floor epoxy floor with Epoxy Flakes?

    Answer: Not at all! This is completely up to your own design needs. If you want to show more of your base epoxy colored coating, that’s your decision!

    Specifications and Properties of Dura-Kote Epoxy Flake Floor

    Coverage   125 – 175 square foot (Varies widely based on application techniques and how you apply coats products)
    Dura-Kote Epoxy Flake Chips specs and properties are shared with the specific sealers used to apply them.

    Suggested Base Color when Broadcasting Floor Flake Chips

    • Asphalt Flake Chip (Silver Base)
    • Buckskin Flake Chip (Antique White Base)
    • Prarie Flake Chip (Antique White Base)
    • Durango Flake Chip (Antique White Base)
    Antique White Epoxy Floor Flake Base Color

    Antique White Floor Flake Base Color

    • Cosmos Flake Chip (Silver Base)
    • Chimney Flake Chip  (Antique White Base)
    • Sierra Flake Chip (Antique White Base)
    • Savannah Flake Chip (White Base)
    Silver Concrete Epoxy Floor Flake Base Color

    Silver Concrete Floor Flake Base Color

    • Gravel Flake Chip (Dove Gray Base)
    • Nevada Flake Chip (Dove Gray Base)
    • Smoke Flake Chip (Dove Gray Base)
    • Wrangler Flake Chip (Dove Gray Base)
    Dove Gray Epoxy Floor Flake Base Color

    Dove Gray Floor Flake Base Color

    Standard Floor Flake Chip Color Options

    Sierra Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102005 | UPC: 842467101520

    Sierra Floor Flake Chips

    Durango Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102006 | UPC: 842467101537

    Durango Floor Flake Chips

    Buckskin Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102007 | UPC: 842467101544

    Buckskin Floor Flake Chips

    Asphalt Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102008 | UPC: 842467101551

    Asphalt Floor Flake Chips

    Nevada Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102009 | UPC: 842467101568

    Nevada Floor Flake Chips

    Prairie Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102010 | UPC: 842467101575

    Prairie Floor Flake Chips

    Wrangler Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102011 | UPC: 842467101582

    Wrangler Floor Flake Chips

    Savannah Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102012 | UPC: 842467101599

    Savannah Floor Flake Chips

    Chimney Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102001 | UPC: 842467101483

    Chimney Floor Flake

    Cosmos Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102002 | UPC: 842467101490

    Cosmos Floor Flake Chips

    Smoke Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102003 | UPC: 842467101506

    Smoke Floor Flake Chips

    Gravel Floor Flakes 1/4 Inch 25 lb. SKU: 65102004 | UPC: 842467101513

    Gravel Floor Flake Chips

    How to Apply Epoxy Floor Flake Chips