Epoxy Coating - UV Shield™

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  • Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat
Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating UV Shield - Top Coat Epoxy Coating - UV Shield™

Epoxy Coating - UV Shield™

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  • Product Details:

    • Check out our Epoxy Product Needed Guide for basic calculations on materials needed.
    • UV Shield™ is a two-component, 100% solids hybrid epoxy resin, designed to eliminate the yellowing common to most 100% solids epoxies.
      • Please note that all epoxy will yellow to some extent or another when exposed to direct UV light.  Even with UV Inhibitors in the epoxy as UV Shield has, areas with direct sunlight should plan on some yellowing over time.  The best solution when doing an epoxy floor is to use the Pigmented UV Shield as the base, and then to go over it with a top-coat of a Polyurethane (such as DK-400 sold here) or Polyaspartic (such as Pro-Tek sold here) or the most preferred by professionals is the High-wear Urethane: Durathane XT (sold here) that comes in an eggshell finish, great for hiding any dirt or minor scratches that will occur over time.
    • UV-Resistant, Clear High-Build Epoxy Floor Coating for Light and Moderate Duty Commercial and Industrial Use
    • Formulated for superior resistance to ultra-violet degradation and excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.
    • Has virtually no odor and can be used as a zero VOC alternative to chemical resistant urethane finish coats.
    • Can be used for a durable coating over natural or stained concrete, as well as broadcast with Quartz and Flake decorative flooring systems, or for a dynamic coating mix with Metallic 3D Pigments (Use Black UV Shield Epoxy first as the base coat, and then mix the metallic pigments in with some Clear UV Shield, and apply and spread around and then leave and watch as the metallic pigments do their magic!).
    • Recommended for indoor use only.
    • U.S.D.A. acceptable.
    • UV Shield can be used as a top coat and wearing surface on a variety of prepared substrates: Concrete, Troweled resinous flooring, Decorative floor systems, Self-leveling systems.  For the most durable top-coat, use a urethane (Protek, sold here) clear top coat over the epoxy!
    • UV Shield is also easily pigmented for use as a colored topcoat that will not show the effects of UV exposure that is common to epoxies.
    • UV Shield is self priming and can be used directly on concrete (concrete should be ground/honed for a rough surface prior to ANY epoxy coating).
    • UV Shield Epoxy can also be used directly on an overlay (Micro Topping, Stamp-Tek, Acrylic Overlays).
    Product Specifications:
    • Available in 1, 3, 5, and 15 Gallons. Also available in Drums upon request.
    • Coverage: 1 Gallon covers 100-200 sq. ft. (approx. 200 sq ft at 8 mils thick)
    • Mix ratio is 2:1 A:B
    • Colors: Clear, Black, Concrete Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Sand Beige, Tan.
    • Apply by squeegee in left to right motions, and back roll with a short-nap roller at 90° angles to squeegee lines. Do not roll excessively, only enough to smooth material.  For full application instructions, see UV Shield TDS.
    • UV Shield TDS (Technical Data Sheet).
    • UV Shield SDS (Safety Data Sheet).
    • Any cracks and joints can first be filled with Crack and Joint Filler, for a seamless epoxy surface.
    Pigmented Color Chart: