Best Sealer - Concrete Garage Floor - AU85 - Expressions-LTD
Best Sealer - Concrete Garage Floor - AU85 - Expressions-LTD
Best Sealer - Concrete Garage Floor - AU85 - Expressions-LTD
Best Sealer - Concrete Garage Floor - AU85 - Expressions-LTD

Best Sealer - Concrete Garage Floor - AU85

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AU 85 is a commercial grade, solvent-based, high gloss aliphatic urethane coating designed to enhance and protect a variety of surfaces from deterioration, oil and gas stains, harsh liquids and chemicals. AU 85 polyurethane produces protective films that are durable, flexible, and impact-resistant.  This product is an excellent choice for high-wear areas in need of high abrasion and scratch resistance as well as chemical resistance.  It is manufactured in the U.S. and made from the latest resin technology.  It is a low odor, zero VOC product. AU 85 will provide a long-lasting, high gloss finish that won’t peel, chip, or flake. The UV stable formula will resist fade and gloss deterioration due to sunlight. A true industrial coating.

  • This is the floor coating you want to put in your in your garage- It's a super durable coating, and can be used right over your plain old concrete, stained concrete, as a durable top coat to your cool epoxy/metallic epoxy, and as the super tough coat over your flake/quartz garage flooring!
  • Simple-to-use, two-part sealer provides a durable, long-lasting, high-gloss finish
  • Exhibits the best overall durability over other decorative coatings and sealers
  • Beautifully enhances decorative color designs by Color Enhancing (Will bring out the color of your concrete, similar to how it looks when wet before sealed)
  • Coverage ranges from 275-350 sq ft per gallon, per coat, depending on coating application.  You will get the lower number when coating over a rough surface like an epoxy floor with flake broadcast.  And expect the higher number when just applying over a flat concrete surface that's not super porous.
  • Serves as excellent high-gloss, ultra-durable finish for concrete countertops
  • AU85 can be tinted!  Add RZ Tints (sold here) to pigment this coating product.
  • Don't want high gloss?  Try adding Matting Agent (sold here) to reduce the gloss level of AU85.


  • Coverage (per coat):
    • 2 Quart Kit: 135-175 sq. ft.
    • 2 Gallon Kit: 550-700 sq. ft.
    • 10-Gallon Kit: 2,750-3,500 sq. ft.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy for an old guy

This dk 400 coating was perfect for my basement floor. Expressions explained well what to expect and how to prepare the concrete first so it would be a good bond. I did a colored Charcoal gallon for my storage room, and clear gallon over some acid stain in the main room and it was easy to apply it, even though I'm not as fast as some younger fellas at mixing and applying this kind of thing, but it worked out and is a very nice hard surface. Very pleased with this D.I.Y. option, saved me thousands of dollars doing it.