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Rock N Roller Concrete Stamp Texture Roller - 24" Heavy Stone

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Product Details:
  • Rock N Roller™ Texture Roller - 23 5/8" Heavy Stone Texture
  • Five times faster than traditional stamping methods. If you pay laborers to stamp concrete, you will pay this roller off with just a few jobs using it.
  • Add weights to ensure a uniform imprint as the concrete begins to harden
  • No special setup for borders
  • Ultra lightweight. You start stamping as soon as the bleed water has evaporated- no need to wait for concrete to be hard enough to support walking on it.
  • Made in the USA


  • Heavy Slate Roller, 23-5/8" Width
  • Includes: Roller, frame with weight poles, 2 weights, and a 1¾" push-button adapter

To Use:

  • The Roller connects to standard concrete extension poles, or you can rig up your own method to pull it across large spans using rope.
  • Once bleed water is gone, use Liquid Release or Powder Antiquing Release on the concrete and the roller, and begin rolling.
  • If you find you need more weight to push the roller into the concrete, slide weights (Rock N Roller Weights sold here) onto the metal rods on top of the roller.
  • Use smaller Texture Rollers and to finish off around edges and fine tune.
  • Watch the videos below for more information, but if you don't need a roller don't watch (because you'll be compelled to buy one once you see what they do)

Product Videos: