Trinic GFRC Premix 45 lb Bag (Just add water and fiber) Trinic

Trinic GFRC White Premix (Just add water and fiber)

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Trinic GFRC White Premix (Just add water and fiber)

Superior Strength Balanced GFRC complete mix. This is a complete blend of white Portland cement, graded Quartzite sand, Silica Fume and Trinic’s revolutionary admix blend. The proportions in this mix are designed to provide maximum strength for both compression and flexibility. As with all of our products the GFRC premix is third party tested so you know that your working with the best materials.

Each bag contains a desiccant packet to keep the product dry. DO NOT USE

Please contact us for large orders/pallet discounts

  • Just add water for a spray up face coat
  • Add Fiber (sold here) for backer coat (@ 1.3lbs fiber per 50lb bag)
  • Add Plasticizer (sold here) to make SCC/ ECC
  • High performance
  • No freezing or molding worries

    Specifications Trinic GFRC Premix

    • Bags of premix are 50% cementitous, 50% sand (useful info for calculating when adding things like plasticizer)
    • 45 lb Bag Coverage: 0.36 cubic feet, @ 5.75 sq. ft. at 3/4" thickness
    • 50 lb bag Coverage: 0.40 cubic feet, @ 6.35 sq. ft. at 3/4" thickness (50 lb bags available by the pallet only, which ship from NY with Free Freight shipping to the US48 States)
    • Download: Tech Data Sheet
    • Download: Safety Data Sheet

    Dosing / Mixing Instructions Trinic GFRC Premix 

    • Trinic GFRC Premix contains all of the components necessary to make high performance GFRC, just add water
    • The 45lb GFRC bag contains @ 22.5lbs of cementitious product:
    • Add 6 to 8 lbs of water per bag. You will be casting GFRC with a water to cement ratio of between .24 and .32 with an ultimate strength in excess of 11,000 psi.
    • Add 0.1125 lbs (1.8 ounces) of Trinic Plasticizer to cast an SCC (0.5%)
    • Add 1.35 lbs Chopped Fibers (3% load) for Backer Coat.

    • Trinic GFRC Premix will cure out and be ready to demold the next day
    • Cover with plastic and heating blankets for best results
    • Cure with equal air flow underneath to help prevent curling and warpage
    • If you get it wet, wet down the whole piece including the bottom to prevent moisture loss or gain on one side, which could cause curling

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