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Concrete Expressions - Products to Mold and Make Awesome Concrete

Concrete Expressions products used for creating artwork out of liquid stone.  Concrete countertops, furniture and decorative concrete applications.  We carry Sink Molds, Countertop Forms, Edge Liners, Sealers, Stains, Colors, Concrete Admixes, GFRC, and much more.
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Sink Linear Drain Pan- Black ABS for Slot Drains
Sale priceFrom $39.09
Concrete Water-Based Stain - Surecrete - Eco-Stain
Sale priceFrom $8.09

29 colors available

Concrete Color Dye Powder Single Dose Integral Pigment
Sale priceFrom $9.09

33 colors available

Concrete Water Based Stain - Concrete Coatings - Living Earth
Sale priceFrom $8.09

15 colors available

Concrete Countertop Caulking Tool, Metal Ball
Sale priceFrom $9.09
Concrete Acid Stain - Concrete Coatings VIVID
Sale priceFrom $8.09

10 colors available

Diamond Sanding Block Hand Pads
Sale priceFrom $15.09
Linear Slot Sink Drain Pan - Stainless Steel
Sale priceFrom $99.09
Fiberglass and Rubber Molds Release Wax
Sale price$24.09
Diamond Polishing Pads, EXPell 5" WET
Sale priceFrom $13.09
Diamond Sanding Strips, Velcro Backed
Sale priceFrom $9.09
Concrete Countertop Z Fiberglass Mesh Mat
Sale price$69.09
Concrete Expressions FDA Countertop Sealer
Sale priceFrom $29.09
Concrete Countertop FDA Beeswax
Sale priceFrom $19.09
Concrete Edge Form Liner - 2" Rough Rock
Sale price$79.09
Caulk-EZ Caulking Perfect Bead Spray
Sale price$10.09
Save $66.27
GFRC Compaction Rollers Expressions LTDGFRC Compaction Rollers Expressions LTD
GFRC Compaction Rollers
Sale priceFrom $18.09 Regular price$84.36
Rocktop CT Concrete Countertop Sealer
Sale priceFrom $169.09
Water Based Stain for Concrete - Tru Tint WB
Sale priceFrom $29.09

40 colors available

Concrete Colored Antiquing Accent Powder Release
Sale priceFrom $76.09

20 colors available

Best Concrete Countertop Sealer - XS-327
Sale priceFrom $89.09
Concrete Countertop Z Liqui-Crete Mix Additive
Sale priceFrom $34.09
GFRC Spray Gun Hopper, Sharpshooter 2.1
Sale priceFrom $43.09